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Instead of using the internal viewer for View Source, an external program can be used. This preference defines the path to the external program.

Possible values and their effects

A path to any executable program.


  • view_source.editor.external must be set to true for this preference to take effect.
  • If the path doesn't exist or is not executable, the internal viewer will be used.
  • This preference does not affect typing in view-source:// URLs into the address bar, View Selection Source, or links from the Javascript Console.
  • External editors may not be able to handle the character sets of some pages.
  • Using the external editor file:// URLs will open them from their current location and will be changed when saved. All other URLs will be opened from a temporary location and will not be changed when saved.

First checked in

2005-11-21 by Gavin Sharp.

Has an effect in

  • Firefox (1.6a1 and above)

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