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KB Wishlist

  • Redirects
    • Cross-namespace redirects, ie: redirect from an article to a category
      A problem with 1.5.x (we run 1.5.7), presumably fixed in 1.6 and later [1]
    • External redirects, like devmo has. [2]
      • What do these do? -kerz
        • Lets you redirect to pages outside of the knowledge base. Instead of showing the user a page like [3], it would just go there.--Np 20:44, 20 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Searching
    • Three-character works should be searchable (SSL, "pop" in pop-up, tab, etc.)
      [4] and set $wgDBminWordLen to 3 in LocalSettings.php
    • Sort by relevance, not by popularity
    • Perhaps use Google search? MediaWiki:Googlesearch
      Caveat: searches all namespaces, including user and talk pages. Bad thing?
  • Logging in
  • Content
    • Image uploading for screenshots
      Likely just a configuration kerz turned off. Limiting it to a certain size and only images is OK.
    • I turned this on - kerz
  • Formatting
    • The ability to list categories at the top of the article, so we don't need {{upto}}

KB things I hate


  • Utilize


  • It's been reported
  • Note:


  • Using headers at the wrong level
  • Too much indenting in discussions (only indent if you're actually replying to the comments above!)
  • Not enough indenting in discussions (always indent if you're replying to the comments above!)
  • Intro or Background sections
  • Italicized intros

Being complicated for no reason

To solve this problem, do one of two things:

Method 1

Press a button.

Method 2

Using a hex editor...


  • Not leaving your signature in discussions
  • Dev articles (move to devmo!)
  • Probably a whole lot more
  • Calling me NP

KB things I like

  • Short, concise articles
  • Semantic categorization
  • Pref articles
  • In-house style
  • Firefox hangs/crashes, Error loading some/any websites.