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(quote) "To edit this file, you will need to go into your profile folder — do not edit this article." (end quote)

This sentence does not make sense to me. What does editing the "article" have to do with editing the file?
^ 11 September 2008 Neil Parks

I agree, I edited Template:Profile-file to remove that sentence, which doesn't belong in articles about files. It makes no sense because files have to be edited with an appropriate program (such as Notepad for text files) and cannot be edited from a page within the browser. I think that sentence got into the Profile-file template because of a similar sentence at the beginning of the About:config entries article (This is not the place to edit your configuration settings.). and at the beginning of each Category:Preferences article, where the Template:Preference is used, for people who might try to edit the KB article itself by clicking the "Edit" button in the area to the right of the article, instead of editing the preference entry using about:config. It does make some sense in those cases because you are "editing" the preference inside of the browser's "about:config" page. Alice 15:05, 15 September 2008 (UTC)