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I found this page relatively hard to find. Maybe a link should be created on the site, to lead developers to this page?

We have no control for u.m.o pages. If you think it should be linked from there, go file a bug in ( product). This page is linked from FAQs on MozillaZine's Extensions forum. Asqueella 08:25, 30 Oct 2004 (PDT)

That differential inheritance link looks a bit out of place, doesn’t it! Perhaps we need a subsection called 'Techniques' (or similar) underneath 'Example code'. This would be a good place for technical articles which don’t necessarily contain a lot of code.

Well, most of links there look out of place. I'd rather not create a new section with a single link in it. We may do it, once we have more "Techniques" articles. Asqueella 12:14, 13 Nov 2004 (PST)
fair enough, please feel free to move it back to where it was. Though I don't think the "Techniques" section of the Example Code article looks strange, despite only having one link! I think the most important thing is putting links in the places that people are most likely to look; usually the "Miscellaneous links" section at the bottom of most pages on the Web just contains stuff that's related but not too relevant; I wouldn't expect to find specific, relevant links there. (It's just occured to me that, in my first comment, perhaps I wasn't clear enough about what "Example Code" section I was talking about. I meant the actual Example Code article, not the subsection on this Extensions page.)
I thought you meant Dev : Extensions page subsection. You're right it makes much more sense in Example Code page. Asqueella 04:29, 14 Nov 2004 (PST)