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How about in linux? Is is an environment setting? I'm using a minimal window manager so have no way within that of changing the date format that I know of.

Mat. I just battled with this issue: I wanted to display folder dates in UK format (dd/mm/yy). The article on this thread talks about the following env vars:

 setenv LANG en_US
 setenv LC_TIME en_GB

but setting them didn't work for me. I found I also had the following var set (to prevent shell warnings when invoking nedit):

 setenv LC_ALL "C"

When I unset this, the first two came into play and Thunderbird now displays date as 28/02/05. -Mark

Hi, I wonder whether its possible to define the date more detailled like with a %H %M %S-like Syntax similar to DATE of unix. I find it strange that such a major mailclient only offers 4 preset date views. Sujao

I changed the Launcher Properties for Thunderbird on GNOME to resolve this problem. I changed "Command:" from



 env -uLC_ALL LC_TIME=en_DK thunderbird

This resolved the issue for me. TVB