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Stubs are articles that have been created but don't yet contain enough information or detailed enough instructions to be considered complete articles. In the MozillaZine Knowledge Base, what defines a stub is thus not the absolute length of the article, but whether it has sufficient information to be useful to most readers who are interested in the topic of the article. An article like Global Inbox, for instance, needs to be fairly long to adequately explain the Global Inbox feature, whereas the content of Sorting bookmarks alphabetically is sufficient even though the article is much shorter.

Creating, flagging and categorizing stubs

  • As a rule, do not create a stub article if you have a user-support question related to a Mozilla product for which you are trying to find the answer. Instead, please ask such questions in the MozillaZine forums, and then after you have found the answer to your question, consider writing it up as a proper article in the knowledge base. See the Rules for more information about creating and editing articles.
  • To flag an article as a stub, simply insert {{stub}} near the bottom of the article.
  • Stub articles—like all other articles—should be categorized. See Rules/Categories for further information.

Expanding a stub

  • When you come across an article flagged as a stub and you have the knowledge needed to expand it, feel free to edit the article and add to it what you can. Even if you do not have the knowledge (or time) to expand it into a truly "complete" article, do not hesitate to contribute the knowledge that you do have.
  • Once a stub has been properly expanded and becomes an article rather than just a stub, you or any other editor may remove the stub tag from it. No admin action or formal permission is needed.
  • Note that a stub article with little useful information, and which no one expands into a more complete article, may eventually end up being nominated for deletion.

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