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A knowledge base account is not needed to ask for help or to discuss your problem - please post in the MozillaZine forums instead. A knowledge base account (different from your forum account) would let you edit or create articles on our wiki. You don't need it to read the articles.

MozillaZine is not run by or formally associated with Mozilla, despite the similarity in names and the fact that the Mozilla.org support page links to our website. We are an independent user community site. If you want to report a bug or complain about how something works (enhancement requests are legitimate bug reports) please use Mozilla's bug reporting system .

Anybody can request a knowledge base account in the Knowledge Base thread near the top of the MozillaZine Site Discussion forum. Please provide a brief explanation of what you'd like to edit/create so that its clear that you understand the purpose of the wiki. The main reason for the screening is to help combat spam and vandalism, and to avoid the wiki being used to ask questions that should be asked in the forums.

If you don't want to edit the article yourself you can post the information in that thread and somebody will either add that request to the appropriate talk page or edit the article for you.

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