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Firefox 2.0 incorporates the Google Safe Browsing extension in its own Phishing Protection feature to detect and warn users of phishy web sites. This preference switches between using a local blacklist to determine a site’s phishiness, or submitting the URL to a third party.

The latter option (“enhanced mode”) was removed with the update to the Safe Browsing protocol, and this preference has no effect in Firefox 3.

Possible values and their effects


Consult a third-party provider to determine whether a site is phishy.


Compare visited URLs against a blacklist to determine whether a site is phishy. (Default)
The blacklist is stored in urlclassifier2.sqlite.



Mozilla Firefox 2

Radio buttons labeled “Check using a downloaded list of suspected sites” and “Check by asking _____ about each site I visit” are located under “Tools → Options → Security / Tell me...”

First checked in

2006-05-12 by Brett Wilson

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (nightly builds from 2006-05-12 to 2008-02-08; 2.0)

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