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As part of its Safe Browsing feature, Mozilla Firefox keeps track of a list of malware to compare against data the user downloads. In the event the user downloads known malware, a warning can be displayed. This preference determines whether to enable these malware checks.

Possible values and their effects


Download data about malware and use it to screen downloads. (Default)


Do not download malware blacklists and do not check downloads.


Mozilla Firefox

A checkbox labeled “Block reported attack sites” is located under Tools → Options → Security.


In SeaMonkey 2.18 and later, this checkbox is located in the Edit → Preferences → Privacy & Security main tab.

First checked in

2007-08-09 by Dave Camp

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (trunk builds since 2007-08-09; 3.0b1 and above)
  • SeaMonkey (nightly builds since 2013-02-03; 2.18a1 and above)

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