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Both I, np and Unarmed have run into a bug in the knowledge base software that blocks our IP address because it thinks we're using (which resolves to However, nobody had created that IP block. This appears to have somehow been triggered by my blocking the Patient X username. See my "Whats wrong with the knowledge base software?" thread in the moderators forum for more details. Tanstaafl 04:52, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

Just a reminder that you said over a year ago that you would upgrade the wiki software and find some reliable scheme (better than a simple captcha) to allow users to create their own Knowledge Base accounts "after the backend is ready". You switched to phpBB3 in June. Upgrading the wiki might fix the bug mentioned above. I'm also getting tired of being the only person who creates KB accounts for people. Tanstaafl 08:56, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

It was originally planned to delete the bugs, features and general forums when we switched to phpBB3. I know the idea of sub-forums has been dropped but you haven't indicated whether or not you changed your mind on getting rid of those forums. The bugs forums are the worst since many of the threads have to be moved to the support forum. Tanstaafl 08:56, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

Please read Conference call with Mozilla Messaging. I'm trying to think of some way we can "publish a periodic, easy to assemble report to the public and MoMo on MZ activity (e.g. hot threads of the week, most trafficked kb articles, etc...) ". Is there any possibility of your updating the forum or wiki software in the near future? Tanstaafl 21:52, 7 May 2010 (UTC)

Please upgrade the wiki software from MediaWiki 1.6.8 (which is old and buggy) to 1.16.0. That is the latest version and what the Mozilla wiki uses. It would also be useful if you installed the RenameUser extension and granted the SysOp group the ability to use it to rename users. The wiki admin capabilities are a joke compared to what the forum software supports, and I've gotten requests to rename KB accounts (to match what they use else where). Currently, I can't do that and create a new KB account instead. Tanstaafl 02:40, 11 November 2010 (UTC)

Not Resolved

You're missing an equal sign between border and 0 in the Donate code snippet. - Waldo

Add support for displaying images in topics (even if you're not letting files be uploaded, which is sort of an issue here). Being able to show off the looks of Firefox/Thunderbird/etc. in screenshots would be worth more to most prospective users than a page of hardcopy. How does one accurately explain an interface without a picture of it? The picture will complement the article and make it more useful. After all, we say Firefox has a clean interface, but how can one prove it without pictures?

All the Firebird redirect pages to Firefox should be deleted. Afterwards, we can look on the list of orphans and sort things out. Special:Lonelypages

suggest moving this to Pages voted for deletion. --asqueella

Can we have a new class for table cells to indicate "neutral"? The Comparison table looks half finished with lots of cells having a white background and a few having red / green backgrounds. Jgraham

It doesn't seem to have green/red backgrounds either. --asqueella

Breadcrumb navigation: Once you solved the title problem, please Link the category titles to the pages they refer to, so a navigation structure is formed, hence:
Mozilla Suite : Tips : Using keyword searches  : Current Page
An Editing Mozilla Suite : etc. 'editing' page should be linked to Mozilla Suite instead... Heroist

If we must have categories, you should implement them with Subpages.
that was the idea in the first place.
This does "breadcrumbing" automatically, you don't have to do it manually, it puts a link to the pages above it in the hierarchy at the top of the page for you. I am still against this, I am in favor of simplification and removal of hierarchy when possible, but I haven't figured out yet what a good alternative is for the current extensive hierarchies that we have. If we're going to do a major renaming to implement Subpages, if subpages aren't necessary anyway that seems like a good time to get rid of the rigid hierarchy. Please do not change back the sections that I have simplified until I've finished my research and I either have a complete proposal and we do something similar to the rest of the site, or we decide that my ideas just suck. -- Nelson Pavlosky 09:53, 7 Mar 2004 (PST)
Many people don't think that putting categories in title is a good idea. Let's discuss this on Talk:Rules --asqueella


Would is be possible to move the left sidebar with the MediaWiki links over to the right side to join (above) the standard MozillaZine sidebars, in order to save space? - Done, I also moved the title up above the HR.

Misc: Get Involved still has the left sidebar, and it overlaps content. It can also be moved to Misc : Get Involved (correct spacing format). --Sidebar mysteriously fixed overnight.

I need someone to format the rules nicely, and add anything they think is missing. If you can do this, it would be great! Done! Thanks guys.

The editing-page page still sucks at 800x600, because the textarea goes behind the right sidebar. ---hao2lian: fixed, although you probably already know

Be nice to Google: should redirect to instead of being an alias. -- Done.

Hmm, maybe this list should be in MozillaZine Knowledge Base:Bug reports, which the "Bug reports" link in the left sidebar links to. -- Nah, it's fine here.

The "gnu free documentation license" link at the bottom of most pages is broken. -- Fixed, :).

If you're not logged in and click a link to a page that doesn't exist, it says "Login required to edit" in a huge font. it should say "This page hasn't been created yet", like it does if you're logged in, and *below that* say "Want to create this page? Log in first." -- I've changed the wording slightly. There's no way for it to know if the page doesn't exist or not once it is generating, so I've made the message more generic.

Make it work in 800x600. Support Home doesn't work because of the PREs, and editing-page pages don't work because of the textareas. - No more PREs afaik.

Edit page disclaimer has a rogue "<": -- Taken care of.

Creating a new page links to MozillaZine Knowledge Base:Help. Editing an existing page links to MozillaZine Knowledge Base:How does one edit a page. Neither of these pages exist. I think they're supposed to describe wiki syntax. -- Anyone can feel free to do this, as I don't think that I know enough about it to actually document it...

This page needs to be deleted: Sunbird_:_FAQs_:_Where Firebird:issues needs to be deleted. So does Sunbird : FAQs Where can I get Sunbird?

These were deleted, so I moved them to Resolved list --asqueella

URLs are long. (hao2lian: techniques could be stolen from how MovableType does article links).

kerz made changes needed to make the links use the simplest form, like , so I moved this ro Resolved list too. --asqueella

"Upload file" link needs to be removed. --hao2lian

It no longer exists on regular pages after the move to new mediawiki, only on Special:Specialpages, so I moved this to Resolved list too. --asqueella

Figure out what to do about overly long titles, whether it's renaming them or changing the back-end coding. Firefox_:_Tips_:_Sorting_Bookmarks_Alphabetically and MozillaZine Knowledge Base:How does one edit a page both overlap the textbox slightly for searching on my 1024x768 screen, and that's a step above the current 800x600 minimum standards. (Note that this appears only on standards-based browsers, I think - IE6 just shifts the textbox&friends down.)

This has also been fixed with the move to new mediawiki. The textbox is no longer there. Furthermore, we intend to stop putting categories in the article's name, so the titles will be shorter. --asqueella

Page titles collide with certain other content, such as top links on page history pages and the search box for pages with long titles. Click the page history of this page for an example of the former, and Ff : Issues : Installing ... Extension for an example of the latter.

same as above. --asqueella

Anchor tags need to be converted to wiki markup or HTML needs to be enabled for these articles (protected):

Looks like the new version of mediawiki got it fixed: Special:Deadendpages, Special:Allpages, Special:Popularpages. --asqueella
  • Pages voted for deletion- go through and reject/delete as necessary
  • Bring back the "You have been redirected from /so and so/" paragraph that appears on redirection from another page
  • Look into assigning mods to even this load
    • It seems like you've already done this, so correct me if I'm wrong


looks like all of this is fixed (except the Pages voted for deletion part, that hao2lian does very well)

Delete me: Theme Development
dupe was created: Dev : Theme Development which now has content and incoming links.
-Miahz 07:15, 25 Feb 2004 (PST)

apparently we're in the middle of some remodeling, and there's now several theme dev pages/addresses. so please hold off on the deletions until the dust settles.
-Miahz 20:30, 5 Mar 2004 (PST)
That was a deletion necessary to execute a page movement, it's actually already done, I asked Kerz to do it. I'm working on writing up a more coherent explanation of why this remodeling is important, it'll be on Talk:Rules, and I'll try updating the Rules again as well once that's done. -- Nelson Pavlosky 06:38, 6 Mar 2004 (PST)
Well, rules are about to be updated again