Testing plugins

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You can see what plugins are installed and enabled by visiting these pages (see also about:plugins):

You can test your plugins to see if they are working by visiting the pages listed below.


Embedded media

Except as noted, the embedded media on these pages require a plugin:

Note: Embedded PDF files don't require a plugin and will work in the built-in PDF viewer in Firefox (see bugs 738967 and 855666 for details).

Other media tests

These test pages may contain direct links to media files as well as embedded media. Direct links to media files can be opened in a "helper" application, if no plugin is set to handle the MIME type. Note that Firefox and SeaMonkey are able to handle certain media types without a plugin or helper application, including open media such as OGG, WebM and certain other media file types (see below). For more information, see File types and download actions#Built-in support for certain media. [3] [4]

HTML5 audio and video

The following pages use HTML5 to embed audio and video in supported operating systems and browsers (such as Firefox and SeaMonkey 2) without needing a plugin.

Open media

The above pages may also include direct links to OGG and WebM "open media" files. For more information about HTML5 audio and video and open media, see Viewing HTML5 audio and video in Firefox at

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