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Why I'm reviving this material from the old Thunderbird : FAQs : Backing Up and Restoring article:

  • Even though MozBackup is discontinued, people still seem to be using it. this is no longer true
  • People in the forums (myself not included) are still recommending it to others.
  • It probably still works with Mozilla Suite 1.7.6. (I last used it with 1.7.3 and it worked perfectly.)
  • Even though usage is seemingly straightforward, I have encountered people in the forums who needed help in using it (which is why I wrote these instructions in the first place).

--Wintogreen 10:53, 27 Mar 2005 (PST)

Regarding Restoring/migrating item 1, isn't it true that not only must thunderbird be installed but it MUST have been started because mozbackup requires an EXISTING profile to restore to? Wsm 15:07, 18 February 2011 (UTC)