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How to use Talk

In the sidebar of every page there is a link titled "Discussion" which links to the Talk page for that article. Talk pages allow you to discuss the content of articles without cluttering up the article itself.

Examples of things to mention on Talk pages:

  • Suggestions for improving the article. (Note: for user-support questions, please use the MozillaZine forums instead.)
  • Problems you have with the current content of the article.
  • Possible solutions to edit wars.

Please note that it is generally considered bad ettiquette to delete or alter the comments of another user. While this is perfectly fine on the rest of the wiki, doing so on a Talk page disrupts the conversation.

Remember to sign and date your comments. Typing "~~~~" will do this automatically.

When you are in the Talk page, clicking on the "Article" link will take you back to the main article.

User talk pages

Your user page has a Talk page as well, and that one has some special features. For one thing, there is a link to it in the sidebar (if you use a "skin" other than the default it may be somewhere else). Also, if edits are made to it by others, the text You have new messages will appear at the top of the page. These pages can be used for occasional personal communication among users; but note that these pages are public. If you want to communicate privately, use e-mail.

To write in another user's talk page, click the Discussion link on your sidebar when you view the user page (which you can do by clicking on a user's nickname). On the list of recent changes and on your watchlist, you can directly access a user's Talk page by following the (Talk) link behind the user's name.

"Post a comment" feature

For editing a talk page, one can optionally use the "Post a comment" feature, but only for a new thread and for a reply to be put at the bottom of the last thread. To post a comment in this way, click on the "+" link in the sidebar.

  • For a new thread, fill in the "Subject/headline" box. Then the edit summary will automatically be the same as the new section editing.
  • For a reply to be put at the bottom of the last thread, do not fill in the "Subject/headline" box. In this case it is not possible to supply an edit summary. Instead, edit the previous thread.

When using "Post a comment", an edit conflict is impossible. However, in the case that you are not starting a new thread but replying to an existing one, your response may be appended to a newly created post that was added while you wrote yours. It is therefore generally recommended to use section editing to respond, and "Post a comment" to start new threads. If your comment is accidentally misplaced, just edit the page and move it.


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