Sorting newsgroups

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Sorting Newsgroups

If you want to alphabetize the newsgroups for a particular server (or want to sort them in any other order):

  1. Close Thunderbird.
  2. Go to the "News" folder in your profile folder.
  3. Make a temporary backup copy of the "<account-name>.rc" file
  4. Modify the "<account-name>.rc" file with Notepad or Wordpad. You can arrange them any way you want with cut and paste.

Save the file and start Thunderbird.

Note: You should make a backup copy before manually editing any file in your profile directory. Thunderbird should also be closed when manually editing files in your profile directory.

Grouping Newsgroups

As my enhancement request timed out I decided to post this "quick&dirty workaround"... (tested with linux, not yet with windows)

  • Purpose: For people who have subscribed to many (e.g. >100) newsgroups on one server it might be of interest not only to sort their groups alphabetically - but also to group them into different folders
  • Principle: for each folder needed, add a different alias entry (pointing to your newsserver) to your /etc/hosts (or wherever else the "hosts" file is located in your system)
  • Now you can add multiple news accounts (one for each alias) and thunderbird sets up a top level folder entry for each alias.
  • Finally, you can subscribe to different newsgroups in each of your "virtual" servers ;-)