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This preference controls part of the permissions extension, which is now built by default. The permissions extension allows for a more complete method of allowing, blocking, and restricting content displayed in the browser—including images. Here, the permissions preference takes over image behavior duties from network.image.imageBehavior. It works essentially the same way as the old preference, except the possible values are different (and in different order).

Exceptions to the image loading preference are stored in hostperm.1, as always.

Possible values and their effects


Allow all images to load, regardless of origin. (Default)


Block all images from loading.


Prevent third-party images from loading.


  • If you set network.image.imageBehavior, its value will be migrated to permissions.default.image (and then cleared).
  • This preference was not working in Camino 0.9a, but was fixed shortly thereafter.

Still can't see images from third party sites

Even with permissions.default.image set to 1 you may still not be able to see images, particularly from third party sites.

  • Tools → Options → Content: Load images Exceptions button where images can be blocked or allowed from sites.
  • If images are blocked on site, click on the location bar's favicon for "More Information" and check the Media tab there for "Block images for ...".
  • Even if you can see the site and some images, third party images may still be blocked from other sites by Extensions such as "Adblock Plus" or with a hosts file.
  • Images or animations do not load


Firefox 23 and later

In Firefox 23 and later you no longer have the "Load images automatically" setting in "Tools → Options → Content" to change the global image permission that controls this preference (see bug 851701 and bug 851698).
There is a setting in "Tools > Page Info > Permissions" for individual domains.

Deer Park and Mozilla Firefox 1.5

The checkboxes labeled “Load Images” and “for the originating web site only”, located under “Tools → Options → Content”, set this preference to 1 and 3, respectively.
Note that the second checkbox, "for the originating web site only", has been removed (see bug 287571), so that checkbox will not appear in Firefox 2.0.


The checkboxes labeled “Accept all images” and “Accept images that come from the originating server only”, located under “Edit → Preferences → Privacy & Security → Images” set this preference to 1 and 3, respectively, in SeaMonkey.

First checked in

2004-12-15 by Michiel van Leeuwen

Has an effect in

  • Deer Park (all versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions since 1.5b1)
  • SeaMonkey (all versions)
  • Camino (all versions since 0.9)

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