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I'm can't get Mozilla to save the changes I make in the Preferences dialog.

This error comes about when a particular setting on the open Pref panel points to a nonexistent object, such as a deleted mail folder or addressbook. This condition will prevent saving changes to any setting on that Pref panel.

One occurrence of this bug is in Mail & Newsgroups after deleting a folder or account. If that folder or account was pointed to by the Copies & Folders preference page, then subsequent attempts to change settings on the page will fail.

Another example occurs in the Junk Mail controls dialog, when a nonexistent whitelist addressbook is selected. This condition arises most often when the referenced addressbook has been deleted.

The solution to either of these problems is to change the incorrect setting, making it point to a folder, account, or addressbook that does exist. Once done, all changes to the dialog should save normally.