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Articles in this category apply to the Mozilla Suite / SeaMonkey internet application suite, which includes the Navigator browser, Mail & Newsgroups, ChatZilla IRC client, and Composer HTML editor components.

Development of the Mozilla Suite as a Mozilla Foundation product ended with version 1.7.xx; SeaMonkey 1.0, based on Mozilla Suite 1.8 code, was released on January 30, 2006. Current development is continuing as the community-led SeaMonkey project. More information can be found in Mozilla Suite : FAQs : Status and on the SeaMonkey homepage at

See also Category:SeaMonkey for additional articles that apply to SeaMonkey 2, the current generation of the SeaMonkey internet application suite.

In addition to the resources listed below, you can also consult the Firefox and Thunderbird articles. Many of these also apply to the Mozilla Suite, and some of them are more comprehensive. Most of the differences between the three applications are explained in the article Menu differences in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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