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It is easy to adjust the columns displayed in the message-list pane in Thunderbird or the Mozilla Suite. You can choose which columns are shown or not shown, change the order in which they are shown, or adjust the width of columns.

Choose which columns are shown

To choose which columns are shown, click on the small drop-down marker in the upper-right corner of the message-list pane (just above the scollbar). Select the columns that you want to be shown or not shown. You can choose from the following:

- Thread
- Attachments
- Read
- Sender
- Recipient
- Junk Status
- Date
- Status
- Size
- Flag
- Label
- Account
- Priority
- Unread
- Total
- Order Received

Per-folder columns

Configure the columns displayed depending on the folder being viewed: for the "Inbox" folder, the "Sender" should be displayed, whereas for the "Sent Items" folder, the "Recipient" column makes more sense.

Install the mnenhy extension from

After you install the extension, you have a new entry in the context menu (that you can see by right-clicking on the folder) that says "Folder Storage". There is an option there, "Folder configuration", and when you select it a dialog appears, which at first has one button, "Create Custom Configuration". The dialog changes and shows a list of "Watched values" and so. You don't have to do anything there. Once you do this, you change the columns that you want to see in that folder, and those folders are changed there only. You go to another folder and you can see the columns that you originally had.

Change the order of columns

To change the order of columns, click on a column header (such as "Sender") and drag it left or right to the position where you want the column to be.

Adjust column width

To adjust column width, put the cursor between any two header rows, then click and drag left or right to make the column on the left narrower or wider.

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