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This article provides a short description of all the mail and news specific settings for Thunderbird. Most of that information should also apply to Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey but there is no attempt to document that. It is a supplement to About:config entries which describes most of the settings for Mozilla applications. Settings for Lightning (calendar) are also documented, even though it is an extension.

This web page is just documentation, it can't be used to modify your settings. See Modify Thunderbird settings for how to use the Config editor to modify the settings documented in this article.

Spaces were added on both sides of any dots in the settings name to let the words wrap. They don't exist in the actual settings. Editors need to be careful to follow this convention to avoid forcing readers to horizontally scroll this article.

A user may have multiple accounts, servers, and identities, each of which has a decimal id appended to the name. "#" is used to represent that. For example both mail.server.server1.ageLimit and mail.server.server23.ageLimit would be documented by mail.server.server#.ageLimit.

This article will always be incomplete. The "mailnews.js" file in the defaults\pref subdirectory in the Thunderbird program directory defines the default values for most of the mail and news settings. Those settings are shared by multiple applications. The "all-thunderbird.js" file in the same directory overrides some of those settings, and adds some settings unique to Thunderbird. These files are now physically stored within omni.ja (was initially called omni.jar) to improve performance. You can examine its contents using any program that knows how to open a Zip archive file. Not every setting has a default value. These additional settings are supported but need to be added if you want to use them. Usually somebody finds out about them by reading bug reports where a developer mentions the setting and what release/build they would first occur in. You can also search for settings using the Mozilla cross-reference though that doesn't guarantee any you find would be used by Thunderbird. For example, the open source version of Eudora and the Penelope extension have a few settings that Thunderbird doesn't use.


Name Type Meaning of values
calendar . alarms . defaultsnoozelength Integer Default snooze length in minutes. Defaults to 5 minutes
calendar . alarms . eventalarmlen Integer Defaults to 15.
calendar . alarms . eventalarmunit String Defaults to "minutes"
calendar . alarms . onforevents Integer Defaults to 0.
calendar . alarms . onfortodos Integer Defaults to 0.
calendar . alarms . show Boolean True (default): Show alarms.
False: Don't show alarms.
calendar . alarms . showmissed Boolean True (default): Show missed alarms
False: Opposite of the above
calendar . alarms . soundURL String Defaults to "chrome://calendar/content/sound.wav"
calendar . alarms . playsound Boolean True (default):
calendar . alarms . todoalarmlen Integer Defaults to 15.
calendar . alarms . todoalarmunit String Defaults to "minutes".
calendar . autorefresh . enabled Boolean True (default):
False: Opposite of the above
calendar . autorefresh . timeout Integer Defaults to 30.
calendar . categories . names String Defaults to a blank string.
calendar . category . color . <category-name> String Which color to use for this category (in #RRGGBB format)
Defaults to undefined = (none)
calendar . date . format Integer Defaults to 0
calendar . event . defaultlength Integer Default length of an event in minutes (Defaults to 60)
calendar . google . calPrefs . email_address String
calendar . google . useHTTPMethodOverride Boolean
calendar . google . alarmClosest Boolean
calendar . google . defaultPrivacy Boolean
calendar . google . sendEventNotifications Boolean
calendar . previousweeks . inview Integer Number of past weeks to display in the multiweek view
(Defaults to 0)
calendar . registry . * The "Properties" of your calendars
(the next part of the preference name is a GUID in the form {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} where the x's are hex digits — one GUID per calendar)
calendar . timezone . local String Your local timezone (e.g. Europe/Paris)
calendar . view . daystarthour Integer "Day starts at" (Defaults to 8 = 8am)
Note: Day must start and end at an integer hour ("I work from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm" cannot be implemented)
calendar . view . dayendhour Integer "Day ends at" (Defaults to 17 = 5pm)
calendar . view . visiblehours Integer "Show … hours at a time" (Defaults to 9)
calendar . week . start Integer What day of the week does the week start. 0 (default): Sunday.
1: Monday
2: Tuesday and so forth
calendar . weeks . inview Integer Number of weeks in the multiweek view (Defaults to 4)
calendar . week . d0sundaysoff Boolean False: Sunday is a workday.
True (default): Opposite of the above.
calendar . week . d1mondaysoff Boolean False (default): Monday is a workday.
True: Opposite of the above.
calendar . week . d2tuesdaysoff Boolean False (default): Tuesday is a workday.
True: Opposite of the above.
calendar . week . d3wednesdaysoff Boolean False (default): Wednesday is a workday.
True: Opposite of the above.
calendar . week . d4thursdaysoff Boolean False (default): Thursday is a workday.
True: Opposite of the above.
calendar . week . d5fridaysoff Boolean False (default): Friday is a workday.
True: Opposite of the above.
calendar . week . d6saturdaysoff Boolean False: Saturday is a workday.
True (default): Opposite of the above.


Name Type Meaning of values
mail . accountmanager . accounts String Comma separated list of existing accounts. If its not listed here its ignored.
mail . accountmanager . appendaccounts String Comma separated list of pre-configured accounts that a ISP / Vendor wants to add to the existing accounts list
mail . accountmanager . defaultaccount String Name of default account.
mail . accountmanager . localfoldersserver String Name of the pseudo account for Local Folders.
mail . account . account# . identities String Comma separated list of identities. If its not listed here its ignored. See Multiple identities per e-mail account.
mail . account . account# . server String The server# associated with this account.
mail . adaptivefilters . junk_threshold Integer If a message has a number higher than this number its considered junk. Lowering the number makes the Bayesian filtering learn faster, but increases the risk of mistakes. Defaults to 90. See Junk Mail Controls
mail . addr_book . displayName . autoGeneration Boolean True (default): Automatically generate a display name based on first name and last name fields
False: Don't generate a name
mail . addr_book . displayName . lastnamefirst String "true": Display as "Last name, first name"
"false": Display as "First name last name"
Note: This is a locale-specific string representing a boolean value; it defaults to "false" for en-US and must not be translated for other locales.
mail . addr_book . lastnamefirst Integer Changes the sort order
0 (default): Display name as given
1: Last name, first name
2: First name, last name
mail . addr_book . mapit_url . format String URL to display location from address book entry. If its set to a empty string the "get map" button won't be displayed in the address pane. [1]. The format is
@A1: address, part 1
@A2: address, part 2
@CI: city
@ST: state
@ZI: zip code
@CO: country
mail . addr_book . quicksearchquery . format String Every @V will be replaced with the value typed in the quick search bar in the address book. "and", "or" and "not" are valid. "c" means contains. [2] Defaults to ?(or(PrimaryEmail,c,@V) (DisplayName,c,@V) (FirstName,c,@V) (LastName,c,@V))
mail . addr_book . show_phonetic_fields String "true": Display the phonetic equivalents of first name and last name in the address book
"false": Display names literally
Note: This is a locale-specific string representing a boolean value; it defaults to "false" for en-US and must not be translated for other locales.
mail . append_preconfig_smtpservers . version Integer Version number incremented whenever a pre-configured SMTP server is added. Defaults to 1.
mail . attach_vcard Boolean True: User's vcard (if it exists) is automatically appended to messages and posts.
False: Doesn't append it.
mail . auth_login Boolean True (default): Enable SASL.
False: Disable SASL. Sometimes when your email provider uses load-balancing and not every mail server supports SASL you need to set both this setting and mail . server . default . auth_login false. You could also use it to disable SMTP AUTH. [3]
mail . autoComplete . highlightNonMatches Boolean True (default): Flashes red for non-matches
False: Will still auto-complete, but won't flag non-matches.
mail . auto_quote Boolean True: Automatically include the contents of the original message in replies.
False: Leave the contents of the original message out of the reply.
mail . biff . animate_dock_icon Boolean True (default):
mail . biff . play_sound Boolean True - play a sound when new mail is detected (default):
False - do nothing
mail . biff . play_sound . type Integer 0 - Use system sound if mail.biff.play_sound is enabled (default):
1 - Use the specified sound file
mail . biff . play_sound . url String What .wav file to use (instead of the system sound) when playing sounds to alert the user of new mail
mail . biff . show_alert Boolean True - Display a new mail alert popup (default):
False - do nothing
mail . biff . show_balloon Boolean True : Use balloon tips to notify new messages (Windows only) [4]
False (default): Use the popup notification (if its enabled).
mail . biff . show_tray_icon Boolean True (default):
mail . chat_enabled Boolean True (default): Chat enabled.
False : Disable chat component.
mail. chat . play_notification_sound Boolean True (Default): Play sound when new chat message received .
False: Don't use an audible alert. [5]
mail . check_all_imap_folders_for_new Boolean True: Check every folder for new messages.
False (default): Rely upon "Check this folder for new messages" being checked in the folders properties. [6]
mail . cloud_files.enabled Boolean True (default): Large attachments can be stored with on-line ("cloud") services
False: Attachments must be stored within the message.
mail . citation_color String Default RGB color of the original message text in replies or forwards.
mail . collect_addressbook String Address book that collected addresses should be added to. It defaults to moz-abmdbdirectory://abook.mab (the personal address book).
mail . collect_email_address_incoming Boolean True: Add addresses from received messages
false (Default): Don't add addresses from received messages.
mail . collect_email_address_newsgroup Boolean True: Add addresses from received posts
false (Default): Don't add addresses from received posts
mail . collect_email_address_outgoing Boolean True: Add addresses from outgoing messages
false (Default): Don't add addresses from outgoing messages.
mail . compose . add_undisclosed_recipients Boolean Used when there are no disclosed recipients (only bcc). Originally intended to work around bugs in some mail servers that disclosed the recipients.
True (default): Display "undisclosed-recipients" as the address for To:
False: Do not display "undisclosed-recipients:"
See also [bug #1318964].
mail . compose . autosave Boolean True (default): Periodically save the message being composed as a draft
False: Does nothing.
mail . compose . autosaveinterval Integer How often it should save the message as a draft. Defaults to every 5 minutes.
mail . compose . dont_attach_source_of_local_network_links Boolean Windows specific.
True (default): Don't include the computer name in the pathname.
False: Use the full UNC. (file://///<computer name> / <path> / <file name>)
mail . compose . max_recycled_windows Integer If set to a number greater than zero, compose windows will be recycled quicker. Defaults to 0.
mail . compose . other . header String Comma separated list of optional headers that are used in searches, message filters, and show up in the address picker when composing a message. Don't include the colon in the name of the header. Replaced with mailnews.customHeaders in 3.0
mail . compose . wrap_to_window_width Boolean True: Wrap to window width when composing a new message
False (default): Don't wrap to window width when composing a new message.
mail . content_disposition_type Integer 0 (default): May send attachments such as a plain text file inline (part of the message body).
1: Send attachments as real attachments.
mail . correct_threading Boolean
mail . crypto_sign_outgoing_mail Boolean True:
False (default):
mail . db . idle_limit Integer How long the index file (*.msf) for a folder will be kept open, after opening the mail folder. Defaults to 3000 seconds starting with version 15.0. [7]
mail . db . max_open Integer How many index files (*.msf) should be kept open (after opening the mail folder). Defaults to 30 starting with version 15.0. LRU index files will be closed first. Doesn't effect "special" folders (not clear which ones they are). [8]
mail . db_timestamp_leeway Integer How much variation in timestamps for *.msf files due to daylight savings time etc. should be ignored. Defaults to 4000. See Daylight savings time
mail . default_html_action Integer What should it do when sending a HTML message to somebody who might not be able to view it. See Plain text
0: Ask
1: Send as plain text
2 (default): Send as HTML anyways
3: Include both plain text and HTML message bodies in message
mail . default_sendlater_uri String Defines the Unsent Message folder used by the Send Later button. Defaults to mailbox://nobody@Local%20Folders/Unsent%20Messages
mail . delete_matches_sort_order Boolean True: If you set View -> Sort by -> Descending when you delete a message it will move the selection up to the next most recent message (rather than to the next oldest message).
False(default): Does nothing. [9]
mail . display_glyph Boolean True(default):Replaces several text characters (such as a smiley) with a graphics image. [10]
False: Does nothing.
mail . display_struct Boolean True(default): Interpret several plain text tags as if they were HTML tags to create bold, underlined, italic text etc. [11]
False: Does nothing.
mail . enable_autocomplete Boolean True(default): Adds the domain from your email address to the recipients email address if it doesn't have a domain. Mainly used to send mail within a company without having to manually add the company name to every address.
False: Does nothing.
mail . enable_automatic_image_resizing Boolean
True: Resize image attachments to fit message-window size.
False: Display image attachments in original size.
mail . encrypt_outgoing_mail Boolean
mail . fcc_folder Boolean
mail . file_attach_binary Boolean True: Force base64 encoding of all attachments.
False: Only use base64 encoding for binary attachments.
mail . fixed_width_messages Boolean True: Uses fixed-width fonts in messages.
False: Uses variable-width fonts in messages.
mail . forward_add_extension Boolean
Add an extension when forwarding a message as attachment.
True: Create attachment name from Subject and add ".eml" extension.
False: Create attachment name from Subject only.
mail . forward_message_mode Integer 0: Forward an e-mail as attachment by default.
2: Forward an e-mail inline by default.
mail . html_compose Boolean True: Compose messages in HTML by default.
False: Compose messages in plain text by default.
mail . identity . default . autocompleteToMyDomain Boolean True: Adds your domain name when you start typing an email address in the message composition window. [12]
False (default): Does nothing.
mail . identity . default . auto_quote Boolean
mail . identity . default . bcc_list Boolean
mail . identity . default . bcc_others Boolean
mail . identity . default . bcc_self Boolean
mail . identity . default . compose_html Boolean
mail . identity . default . directoryServer Boolean
mail . identity . default . draft_folder Boolean
mail . identity . default . fcc_folder Boolean
mail . identity . default . fcc_reply_follows_parent Boolean
mail . identity . default . fcc Boolean
mail . identity . default . headers Boolean
mail . identity . default . overrideGlobal_Pref Boolean
mail . identity . default . reply_on_top Boolean
mail . identity . default . sig_bottom Boolean
mail . identity . default . stationery_folder Boolean
mail . identity . default . valid Boolean
mail . identity . id# . attach_signature Boolean
mail . identity . id# . attach_vcard Boolean
mail . identity . id# . compose_html Boolean
mail . identity . id# . doBcc Boolean
mail . identity . id# . doBccList Boolean
mail . identity . id# . draft_folder String
mail . identity . id# . drafts_folder_picker String
mail . identity . id# . encryption_cert_name String
mail . identity . id# . encryption_policy Integer
mail . identity . id# . escapedVCard String
mail . identity . id# . fcc Boolean
mail . identity . id# . fcc_folder String
mail . identity . id# . fcc_folder_picker_mode String
mail . identity . id# . fullName String
mail . identity . id# . organization String
mail . identity . id# . reply_to String
mail . identity . id# . sign_mail Boolean
mail . identity . id# . signing_cert_name String
mail . identity . id# . smtpServer String
mail . identity . id# . stationary_folder String
mail . identity . id# . tmpl_folder_picker_mode String
mail . identity . id# . use_custom_prefs Boolean
mail . identity . id# . usermail String
mail . identity . idN . valid Boolean
mail . imap . auto_unsubscribe_from_noselect_folders Boolean True (default): Automatically unsubscribe any folders marked \Noselect if they have no subscribed children.
False: Does nothing.
mail . imap . check_deleted_before_expunge Boolean True: Searches a folder for deleted messages. If there are none the expunge is skipped
False (default): Doesn't try to optimize.
mail . imap . chunk_add Integer Number of bytes to adjust chunk size by when dynamically adjusting the chunk size. Defaults to 2048 bytes.
mail . imap . chunk_fast Integer If a chunk is fetched faster than this, it will increase the chunk size to improve throughput. Defaults to 2 seconds.
mail . imap . chunk_ideal Integer Ideal amount of time it should take to fetch a chunk. Defaults to 4 seconds.
mail . imap . chunk_size Integer Initial chunk size to use when fetching IMAP messages in chunks. Defaults to 10240 bytes.
mail . imap . cleanup_inbox_on_exit Boolean Supported
mail . imap . confirm_emptyTrashFolderDeletion Boolean True: Asks for confirmation when emptying trash folder for a IMAP account.
False (default): Don't ask.
mail . imap . delegateOtherUsersFolders Boolean Supported
mail . imap . expunge_after_delete Boolean True: Physically delete the original (deleted) message after its moved to the trash folder. False (default): Do nothing.
mail . imap . expunge_option Integer Provides auto-expunge like original Eudora. Currently part of Penelope extension.
0 (default): Never occurs.
1: Always occurs
2 : Physically delete the deleted messages when there are at least mail . imap . expunge_threshold_number messages waiting to be expunged.
mail . imap . expunge_threshold_number Integer Currently part of Penelope extension. Used in mail . imap . expunge_option to specify how many messages need to be deleted before expunging them. Defaults to 20.
mail . imap . fetch_by_chunks Boolean True (default): Fetch the message in chunks.
False: Fetch the entire message.
mail . imap . hide_other_users Boolean True (default): Don't list other user's namespaces in the subscribe window
False: List other users' namespaces in the subscribe window.
mail . imap . hide_unused_namespaces Boolean True (default): Only display namespaces that contain subscribed child folders in the fodler pane and subscribe window
False: Display all namespaces.
mail . imap . max_cached_connections Integer Maximum number of IMAP connections kept open. Defaults to 10.
mail . imap . max_chunk_size Integer Maximum chunk size to use when fetching IMAP messages in chunks. Defaults to 10240 bytes.
mail . imap . mime_parts_on_demand Boolean True (default): Fetch the minimum portion of the message needed.
False: Fetch the entire message, including attachments regardless of whether they're needed.
mail . imap . mime_parts_on_demand_max_depth Integer Controls how complicated the message structure (how many levels of nested attachments for example) has to be before it reverts to fetching the while message. Defaults to 15.
mail . imap . mime_parts_on_demand_threshold Integer Always fetch the complete contents of a IMAP message unless its size is greater than this value (not worth optimizing whats fetched). Defaults to 30000 bytes.
mail . imap . min_chunk_size_threshold Integer Don't fetch the message in chunks unless its at least this size. Defaults to 15360 bytes.
mail . imap . new_mail_get_headers Boolean True (default): Download headers for new mail
False: Just notify user of new mail
mail . imap . server_sub_directory Boolean Supported.
mail . imap . use_literal_plus Boolean True (default): Allows e-mail client to save a round trip each time a non-synchronizing literal is sent. (if server supports it)
False: Wait for response before sending a non-synchronizing literal.
mail . imap . use_status_for_biff Boolean True: SELECT each folder to update the message summaries, rather than use the STATUS command.
False (default): Use the STATUS command to update the message summaries.
mail . incorporate . return_receipt Integer Sets the destination of incoming mail receipt messages.
0: Inbox folder
1 (default): Sent folder.
mail . inline_attachments Boolean True: Show inlinable attachments (text, images, messages) after the message.
False: Do not display any attachments with the message
mail . emptyJunk . dontAskAgain Boolean True: Ask for confirmation before deleting messages in junk folder.
False (default): Don't ask for confirmation.
mail . label_ascii_only_mail_as_us_ascii Boolean True: If all of the characters in the message are 7bit, use US-ASCII as the character set.
False (default): Don't change the character set.
mail . leave_on_server Boolean Is this global or obsolete? We normally use mail.server.serverN.leave_on_server
mail . mdn . report . enabled Boolean See [Figuring out whether the recipient read your message]] True (default): Enables sending a return receipt when requested. Other mdn settings such as mail . mdn . report . other provide finer grained control, such as the ability to make it asking for permission each time.
False: Disable sendinga return receipt.
mail . mdn . report . not_in_to_cc Integer when the recipient is not in the To: or CC: headers:
0 (default): Never respond to a return receipt request
1: Always respond
2: Ask the user whether to respond.
mail . mdn . report . other Integer What to do if its not covered by not_in_to_cc or .outside_domain
0: Never respond
1: Always respond
2 (default): Ask the user whether to respond. <3> Deny the request.
mail . mdn . report . outside_domain Integer If the person requesting the return receipt is not in the same domain
0 (default): Never respond
1: Always respond
2: Ask the user whether to respond.
mail . migration . copyMailFiles Boolean True (default): Copy the local folders directory when importing. Currently ignored. [13]
False: Don't let the import wizard copy the local folders directory.
mail . movemail_program String Specifies the external program to use for movemail if mail . use_movemail is true and mail . use_builtin_movemail is false . However, its always been ignored . [14]
mail . movemail_warn Boolean True: Enables a warning the first time movemail is used, that their mail is to be copied from the mail spool to the mail directory
False (default): Don't warn them.
mail . password_protect_local_cache Boolean See Protecting the contents of the profile - mail
True (default): Prompt for password to access IMAP account and Local Folders.
False: Does nothing.
mail . phishing . detection . enabled Boolean True (default): Warn if Thunderbird thinks its a scam. This is normally based on a mismatch between the visible link and the underlying URL.
False: Don't warn.
mail . phishing . detection . ipaddresses Boolean True (default): Also check URLs that are ip addresses.
False: Only check http and https URLs.
mail . phishing . detection . mismatched_hosts Boolean True (default): Check host name matches link text
False: Don't check.
mail . pop3 . deleteFromServerOnMove Boolean True: Delete the copy of the message on the POP3 server if you move or delete the message.
False(default): Only delete the copy of the message on the POP3 server if you delete the message. [15]
mail . pop3_gets_new_mail Boolean True: Downloads new mail
False: Merely notifies user of new mail
mail.preferences . advanced . selectedTabIndex Integer Defaults to zero.
mail.preferences . compose . selectedTabIndex Integer Defaults to zero
mail.preferences . display . selectedTabIndex Integer Defaults to one
mail.preferences . privacy . selectedTabIndex Integer Defaults to three.
mail . prompt_purge_threshhold Boolean True (default): Enables automatic compacting when a certain amount of space is wasted.
False: Doesn't enable automatic compacting.
mail . purge . ask Boolean Whether to prompt before automatic compacting. Defaults to true in recent builds. See Customizing compacting for details.
mail . purge . min_delay Integer Minimum delay before the junk mail controls purge a junk folder. Defaults to 480 minutes. [16]
mail . purge_threshhold Integer How much space (in KB) has to be wasted for a folder to be automatically compacted, if mail . prompt_purge_threshhold is True. It is ignored starting with Thunderbird 5.0 and SeaMonkey 2.2, and mail . purge_threshhold_MB used instead.
mail . purge_threshhold_mb Integer How much space (in MB) has to be wasted for a folder to be automatically compacted, if mail . prompt_purge_threshhold is True. Exists only in Thunderbird 5.0, SeaMonkey 2.2, and later versions; default is 20 MB.
mail . purge . timer_interval Integer How often the junk mail controls check whether to purge the junk folder. Defaults to 5. [17]
mail . quota . mainwindow_threshold . critical Integer %-quota used when quota gauge turns red
mail . quota . mainwindow_threshold . show Integer %-quota used when quota gauge appears (IMAP only)
mail . quota . mainwindow_threshold . warning Integer %-quota used when quota gauge turns orange
mail . quoteasblock Boolean
mail . quoted_graphical Boolean
mail . quoted_size Integer Font size of the original message text in replies and forwards.
0: current default text size
1:one point larger than the default size
2:one point smaller than the default size
mail . quoted_style Integer Text attributes of the original message text in replies and forwards.
0: plain text
1: bold
2: italics
3: bold and italic
mail . receipt . request_header_type Boolean
mail . receipt . request_return_receipt_on Boolean
mail . request . return_receipt Boolean True: Request return receipt on all outgoing messages
False: Do nothing
mail . sash_geometry Boolean
mail . send_struct Boolean True: Interpret several plain text tags as if they were HTML tags to create bold, underlined, italic text etc in the message that will be sent.
False(default): Does nothing.
mail . server . default . abbreviate Boolean
mail . server . default . allows_specialfolders_usage Boolean
mail . server . default . always_authenticate Boolean
mail . server . default . auth_login Boolean
mail . server . default . autosync_offline_stores Boolean
mail . server . default . canCreateFolders Boolean
mail . server . default . canDelete Boolean
mail . server . default . canFileMessages Boolean
mail . server . default . check_time Boolean
mail . server . default . deferred_to_account Boolean
mail . server . default . delete_by_age_from_server Boolean
mail . server . default . delete_mail_left_on_server Boolean
mail . server . default . delete_model Boolean IMAP specific. 0:markDeleted 1: moveToTrashFolder 2:deleteImmediately (unclear if these are accurate, based on a reading of the source - the code for 0 & 2 seems to do the same thing) [code apropos imap.deleteModel]
mail . server . default . dot_fix Boolean
mail . server . default . download_on_biff Boolean
mail . server . default . dual_use_folders Boolean
mail . server . default . dup_action Boolean
mail . server . default . empty_trash_on_exit Boolean
mail . server . default . fetch_by_chunks Boolean
mail . server . default . isSecure Boolean
mail . server . default . leave_on_server Boolean
mail . server . default . limit_offline_message_size Boolean
mail . server . default . login_at_startup Boolean
mail . server . default . logon_fallback Boolean
mail . server . default . mark_old_read Boolean
mail . server . default . max_articles Boolean
mail . server . default . max_articles Boolean
mail . server . default . mime_parts_on_demand Boolean
mail . server . default . moveOnSpam Boolean
mail . server . default . moveTargetMode Boolean
mail . server . default . notify . on Boolean
mail . server . default . num_days_to_leave_on_server Boolean
mail . server . default . offline_support_level Boolean
mail . server . default . override_namespaces Boolean
mail . server . default . port Boolean
mail . server . default . purgeSpam Boolean
mail . server . default . purgeSpamInterval Boolean
mail . server . default . retainBy Boolean
mail . server . default . serverFilterName Boolean
mail . server . default . serverFilterTrustFlags Boolean
mail . server . default . singleSignon Boolean
mail . server . default . socketType Boolean
mail . server . default . spamActionTargetAccount Boolean
mail . server . default . spamActionTargetFolder Boolean
mail . server . default . spamLevel Boolean
mail . server . default . store_read_mail_in_pfc Boolean
mail . server . default . store_sent_mail_in_pfc Boolean
mail . server . default . use_condstore Boolean IMAP specific. True (default): Use conditional store to detect and resolve conflicts between multiple writing mail clients while synchronizing messages. False: Disables that mechanism. Gmail IMAP accounts typically use this mechanism. If it does not work correctly Thunderbird figures out there are new messages in your IMAP folders but does not download them.
mail . server . default . use_idle Boolean
mail . server . default . useSecAuth Boolean
mail . server . default . useServerFilter Boolean
mail . server . default . useWhiteList Boolean
mail . server . default . using_subscription Boolean
mail . server . default . valid Boolean
mail . server . default . whiteListAbURI Boolean
mail . server . server#. ageLimit Integer
mail . server . server# . autosync_offline_stores Boolean IMAP specific. See Offline folders
True: Download a message for offline use whenever the folder is opened or Thunderbird detects new mail in that folder. This is an alternative to the traditional offline folder mechanism.
False (default): Doesn't implement AutoSync.
mail . server. server# . capability Integer IMAP specific. Its a bit mask of the capabilities reported by the IMAP server. See line 113 of this header file for an explanation of each bits setting. For example, 786977= 0xC0221 means it supports IDLE, QUOTA, NAMESPACE, IMAP4rev1 and the CAPABILITY command. This is a much easier way to get the information than asking somebody to enable IMAP logging and look in the log file to see what the CAPABILITY command returned.
mail . server . server# . check_new_mail Boolean Setting it true enables checking for new mail every mail . server . server# . check_time minutes, and checks the checkbox next to "Check for new messages every X minutes".
mail . server . server# . check_time Integer How often it should check for new mail for that account. Its set by Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings -> Check for new messages every X minutes.
mail . server . server# . cleanup_inbox_on_exit Boolean IMAP specific
mail . server . server# .daysToKeepBodies Integer
mail . server . server# . daysToKeepHdrs Integer
mail . server . server# . defer_get_new_mail Boolean Used by webmail extension.
mail . server . server# . delete_mail_left_on_server Boolean Used by webmail extension.
mail . server . server# . delete_model Integer see mail . server . default . delete_model
mail . server . server# .directory String
mail . server . server# . directory-rel String
mail . server . server# . download_on_biff Boolean POP3 specific
mail . server . server# . exit_trash_on_exit Boolean IMAP specific
mail . server . server# . hostname String Name of the mail server. For example,
mail . server . server# . leave_on_server Boolean POP3 specific
mail . server . server# . login_at_startup
mail . server . server# . moveOnSpam
mail . server . server# . name String The account name. For example, Gmail.
mail . server . server# . numHdrsTokeep Integer
mail . server . server# . port
mail . server . server# . realhostname String Used by webmail extension.
mail . server . server# .realusername String Used by webmail extension.
mail . server . server# . remember_password String
mail . server . server# . socketType
mail . server . server# .spamActionTargetAccount String
mail . server . server# .spamActionTargetFolder String
mail . server . server# . spamLevel Integer
mail . server . server# . TargetMode
mail . server . server# . type String imap for IMAP accounts, pop3 for POP accounts. The webmail extension uses "pop3" when it emulates a POP3 account. The local folder account has a empty string.
mail . server . server# . username String User login name for that account.
mail . show_headers Integer 1 (default):
mail . showCondensedAddresses Boolean True (default): Show just the display name for people in the address book
False: Show both the email address and display name.
mail . showFolderPaneColumns Boolean True: Show expanded columns in the folder pane
False (default): Just show the normal columns.
mail . showPreviewText Boolean True (default):
mail . signature_file String Pathname for a file containing ASCII text that is automatically appended to messages and newsgroup posts. See Signatures - Thunderbird.
mail. smtp. defaultserver String Default SMTP server.
mail . smtp . ssl Integer 0 (default): Don't use SSL
1: Try to use SSL
2: Must use SSL
mail . smtp . useMatchingDomainServer Boolean True: Use password from POP/IMAP server with matching username and domain
False (default):Does nothing.
mail . smtp . useMatchingHostNameServer Boolean True: Use password from POP/IMAP server with matching username and host name
False (default):Does nothing.
mail . smtpserver . default . auth_method Boolean
mail . smtpserver . default . hello_argument String Lets you replace your IP address with the specified string in Received: headers when your IP address is not a "fully qualified domain name" (FQDN). Typically you only need to do this when you have a NAT box to prevent it from using the NAT boxes IP address. If you don't set it to something in your SMTP server's domain it may increase your spam score. [18]
mail . smtpserver . default . trySecAuth Boolean
mail . smtpserver . default . try_ssl Boolean
mail . smtpserver . smtpN. hello_argument String Lets you replace your IP address with the specified string in Received: headers when your IP address is not a "fully qualified domain name" (FQDN) when sending using SMTP server N. Typically you only need to do this when you have a NAT box to prevent it from using the NAT boxes IP address. If you don't set it to something in your SMTP server's domain it may increase your spam score. [19]
mail.smtpservers String Comma separated list of existing SMTP servers. If its not listed here the SMTP server ignored.
mail . smtpserver . smtp# . auth_method Integer Authentication method used by SMTP server N
mail . smtpserver . smtp# . description String
mail . smtpserver . smtp# . hostname String
mail . smtpserver . smtp# . port Integer
mail . smtpserver . smtp# . try_ssl Integer
mail . smtpserver . username Integer
mail . spam . display . sanitize Boolean True (default): Sanitize the HTML in spam messages. False: Does nothing.
mail . spam . logging . enabled Boolean
mail . spam . manualMark Boolean
mail . spam . manualMarkMode Boolean
mail . spam . markAsReadOnSpam Boolean
mail . spam . version Boolean
mail . spellcheck . inline Boolean True (default): Enables spell checking as you type
False: Does nothing.
mail . SpellCheckBeforeSend Boolean True: Spell checks the message before sending.
False(default): Does nothing.
mail . spotlight . enable Boolean OSX specific setting for the optional Spotlight Integration component[20]
True: Create a .mozxeml file for each message in a folder. Spotlight needs this to index Thunderbird messages.
False (default): Doesn't create the additional files that Spotlight needs.
mail . standalone Boolean
mail . startup . enabledMailCheckOnce Boolean
mail . store_conversion_enabled Boolean True: Enables conversion of mbox files to maildir files in version 60 or later.
False (default): Can not convert storage formats. [21]
mail . strictly_mime Boolean True: Always MIME encode 8-bit headers
False: Only MIME encodes them when necessary.
mail . strictly_mime_headers Boolean
mail . strictly_mime . parm_folding Boolean
mail . strict_threading Boolean
mail . tabs . autohide Boolean False (default): Hides the tab bar if there is only one tab.
mail . tabs . closeButtons Integer Undefined (default in SeaMonkey): use browser . tabs . closeButtons

0: Tab close button (X) on current tab only (except first)
1 (Default in Thunderbird): Tab close button (X) on all tabs (except first)
2: Tab close button (X) on none of the tabs

mail . tabs . closeWindowWithLastTab Boolean Controls whether closing the last tab closes the wsindow.

Undefined (default in SeaMonkey): use browser . tabs . closeWindowWithLastTab
True (default in Thunderbird): Close the window when closing the last tab
False: Opposite of the above.

mail . tabs . drawInTitlebar Boolean True (default): Tabs are drawn in the title bar.
False: Use old behavior (tabs not in title bar). [22]
mail . tabs . tabClipWidth Integer Undefined (default in SeaMonkey): use browser . tabs . tabClipWidth

(number): Override browser . tabs . tabClipWidth.
Default in Thunderbird:

mail . tabs . tabMaxWidth Integer Maximum width of a mailer tab in pixels

Undefined (default in SeaMonkey): use browser . tabs . tabMaxWidth.
(number): Override browser . tabs . tabMaxWidth in the mailer.
Default in Thunderbird:

mail . tabs . tabMinWidth Integer Minimum width of a mailer tab in pixels

Undefined (default in SeaMonkery): use browser . tabs . tabMinWidth.
(number): Override browser . tabs . tabMinWidth in the mailer.
Default in Thunderbird:

mail . thread_without_re Boolean True: Groups messages with same subject without a leading Re: in the same thread.
False: Doesn't group them.
mail . toolbars . showbutton . file Boolean True (default): Display File button in toolbar.
False: Don't display it. However, you can still add it by customizing the toolbar.
mail . toolbars . showbutton . junk Boolean True (default): Display junk/not-junk button in toolbar.
False: Don't display it. However, you can still add it by customizing the toolbar.
mail . toolbars . showbutton . next Boolean True (default): Display the Next button in toolbar.
False: Don't display it. However, you can still add it by customizing the toolbar.
mail . toolbars . showbutton . print Boolean True (default): Display the Print button in toolbar.
False: Don't display it. However, you can still add it by customizing the toolbar.
mail . toolbars . showbutton . stop Boolean True (default): Display the Stop button in toolbar.
False: Don't display it. However, you can still add it by customizing the toolbar.
mail . trusteddomains String List of comma separated domains that it should automatically display remote images for. See Privacy basics
mail . ui . display . dateformat . default Integer See Date display format
mail . ui . display . dateformat . thisweek Integer See Date display format
mail . ui . display . dateformat . today Integer See Date display format
mail . ui . folderpane . version Boolean
mail . ui . folderpane . view Boolean
mail . use_builtin_movemail Boolean True: Enables a warning the first time movemail is used that their mail is about to be transfered to from the mail spool to the mail directory
False (default): Disables the warning .
mail . warn_on_send_accel_key Boolean
mail . wrap_long_lines Boolean
mail . winsearch.enable Boolean True: Enables integration with Windows Search, and creates *.wdseml files in .mozmsgs subdirectories.
False (default): Disables Windows Search integration.
mail . signature_date Boolean


Name Type Meaning of values
mailnews . account_central_page . url String URL that specifies the contents of the account central pane. It defaults to chrome://messenger/content/msgAccountCentral.xul . That pane is displayed whenever you click on the name of a account in the folder pane. Its not limited to a image file, XUL file or an about page such as about:about , you can use it to display any web page (local or remote). mailnews.start_page.url is similar, but it only effects the Mail Start Page.
mailnews . append_preconfig_accounts . version Integer A version number that is increased when pre-configured accounts are added. Defaults to 1.
mailnews . attachments . display . largeView Boolean True (default): Display slightly larger attachments filename/icons
False: Display attachments filename/icons normal size.
mailnews . auto_unzip_saved_attachments Boolean True:
False (default)
mailnews . autoComplete . commentColumn Integer Typically used with ldap_2.servers . DIRECTORYNAME . autoComplete . commentFormat to add a comment field in auto-complete. 0 = none , 1 = name of addressbook this card came from, 2 = LDAP [23]
mailnews . chat . enabled Boolean True (default): Enables chat. Added in Thunderbird 13.0. [24] [25] False: Tools -> Chat Status menu removed.
mailnews . confirm . moveFoldersToTrash Boolean
mailnews . customDBHeaders Boolean
mailnews . customHeaders String List of custom headers. Except for the last entry each ends with ':' and the list is seperated using spaces. For example: X-Spam-hits: Body: Reply-To
mailnews . database . global . indexer . enabled Boolean True (default): Enables global search and indexing, storing the data in global-messages-db.sqlite [26]
False: Disables global search and indexing. A side effect of that is it also disables Message -> Open in Conversation since that relies upon the messages being indexed.
mailnews . database . global . logging . console Boolean True: Warning and error messages will be displayed in the error console.
False (default): The error console doesn't contain anything from Gloda.
mailnews . database . global . logging . dump Boolean True: If browser.dom.window.dump.enabled is also true it dumps logging data to stdout.
False (default): No output.
mailnews . database . global . logging . net Boolean True: Supposedly looks for a chainsaw.ptr file that specifies the hostname and port to send XML formatted log records to. [27]
False (default): No output.
mailnews . default_news_sort_order Integer 1(default):
mailnews . default_news_sort_type Integer 22(default):
mailnews . default_sort_order Integer 1(default): Default value doesn't match any in [28]
mailnews . default_sort_type Integer 18(default):
mailnews . default_news_view_flags Integer (trunk) Bit mask for default view of mail/RSS folders.
0x0: None
0x1 (default): Threaded display
0x8: Show ignored
0x10: Unread only
0x20 Expand all
0x40: Group by sort
mailnews . default_view_flags Integer (trunk) Bit mask for default view of mail/RSS folders.
0x0 (default): None
0x1: Threaded display
0x8: Show ignored
0x10: Unread only
0x20 Expand all
0x40: Group by sort
mailnews . display . disable_format_flowed_support Boolean Don't rewrap flowed plain-text messages to window width when displaying.
True: Ignore flowed formatting despite format=flowed being set.
False (default): Honor flowed formatting if format=flowed is present.
mailnews. display. disallow_mime_handlers Integer What classes can process incoming data. Its meant for paranoid users. [29]
0 (default): All classes
1: Don't display HTML
2: Don't display HTML and inline images
3: Don't display HTML, inline images and some other uncommon types
100: Use a hard coded list
mailnews . display . html_as Integer How to display HTML parts of a message body [30]
0 (default): Display the HTML normally
1: Convert it to text and then back again
2: Display the HTML source
3: Sanitize the HTML
4: (in trunk builds later than 2011-07-23) Display all body parts (see bug 602718 and comm-central changeset c1ef44a22eb2)
mailnews . display.html_sanitizer . allowed_tags String What HTML tags are allowed. If they're not listed View -> Message Body as -> Original HTML strips them [31]
html head title body p br div(lang,title) h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 ul ol li(value,start,compact) dl dt dd blockquote(type,cite) pre noscript noframes strong em sub sup span(lang,title) acronym(title) abbr(title) del(title,cite,datetime) ins(title,cite,datetime) q(cite) a(href,name,title) img(alt,title,longdesc) base(href) area(alt) applet(alt) object(alt) var samp dfn address kbd code cite s strike tt b i table(align) caption tr(align,valign) td(rowspan,colspan,align,valign) th(rowspan,colspan,align,valign)
mailnews . display . original_date Boolean True: Display date in message window in RFC822 style as received.
False (default): Display date according to selected format.
mailnews . display . prefer_plaintext Boolean True: Display a message as plain text when there is both a HTML and a plain text version of a message body [32]
False (default): Display a message as HTML when there is both a HTML and a plain text version of a message body.
mailnews . fakeaccount . server Boolean
mailnews . fakeaccount . show Boolean
mailnews . force_ascii_search Boolean True: Only use ASCII characters in search commands sent to IMAP server.
False: Specify the locale (what language and region) in the search command if the IMAP server supports it .
mailnews . force_charset_override Boolean
mailnews . global_html_domains . version Boolean
mailnews . headers . extraExpandedHeaders String Default is the empty string.
mailnews . headers . minNumHeaders Integer Minimum number of headers to display in the header pane to keep the height from changing when headers are present. Defaults to 0.
mailnews . headers . showOrganization Boolean True: Show Organization header in message pane
False:(default) Does nothing.
mailnews . headers . showMessageId Boolean (trunk) True: Show Message Id header in message pane
False:(default) Does nothing.
mailnews . headers . show_n_lines_before_more Integer Set to "0" for "all", or any number of lines you want to be shown when opening a message before the "more" appears. It defaults to 1.
mailnews. headers . showReferences Boolean True: Show References header in message pane
False:(default) Does nothing.
mailnews . headers . showSender Boolean True: Show Sender header in message pane.
False:(default) Does nothing.
mailnews . headers . showUserAgent Boolean True: Show User Agent header in message pane
False:(default) Does nothing.
mailnews . html_domains String A list in the address book of domains whose recipients are assumed to have a e-mail client that supports HTML, separated by commas.
mailnews . import . text . skipfirstrecord Boolean
mailnews . labels . color . 1 String Defaults to #FF0000 (red)
mailnews . labels . color . 2 String Defaults to #FF9900 (orange)
mailnews . labels . color . 3 String Defaults to #009900 (green)
mailnews . labels . color . 4 String Defaults to #3333FF (blue)
mailnews . labels . color . 5 String Defaults to #993399 (purple)
mailnews . labels . description . 1 Boolean
mailnews . labels . description . 2 Boolean
mailnews . labels . description . 3 Boolean
mailnews . labels . description . 4 Boolean
mailnews . labels . description . 5 Boolean
mailnews . language_sensitive_font Boolean
mailnews . logComposePerformance Boolean
mailnews . mark_message_read . delay Boolean
mailnews . mark_message_read . delay . interval Integer
mailnews . message_display . allow . plugins Boolean
mailnews . message_display . disable_remote_image Boolean
mailnews . nav_crosses_folders Integer What folders/groups are reachable when the Next button is pressed.
0: Cross folders/groups without asking.
1: Ask for user confirmation.
2: Stick with the current folder/group.
mailnews . offline_sync_mail Boolean
mailnews . offline_sync_news Boolean
mailnews . offline_sync_send_unsent Boolean
mailnews . offline_sync_work_offline Boolean
mailnews . open_window_warning Boolean
mailnews . plaintext_domains Boolean
mailnews . quotingPrefs . version Boolean
mailnews . remember_selected_message Boolean True(default): Selects the last message selected in the folder again the next time you open that folder.
False: Does nothing.
mailnews . reply_header_authorwrote String Replaces the %s with the author's name or e-mail address. Default: %s wrote
mailnews . reply_header_colon String Adds more text here, either before the colon or replacing the colon. Defaults to a ':'.
mailnews . reply_header_locale String Optionally specify a locale for formatting the date and time—for example: en-US. Defaults to a empty string.
mailnews . reply_header_ondate String Replaces the %s with the date and time. Default: On %s
mailnews . reply_header_originalmessage String Reply header to be used when mailnews.reply_header_type is 0 (which is not the default). Default: -------- Original Message --------
mailnews . reply_header_separator String Adds more text here, either before the comma or replacing the comma. Defaults to a comma and a space.
mailnews . reply_header_type Integer How to format the reply heading.
0: Use mailnews.reply_header_originalmessage
1 (default): "author wrote:"
2: "On date time, author wrote:"
3: author wrote, On date time:"
mailnews . reply_in_default_charset Boolean Character encoding of a reply (may be upgraded to UTF-8).
True: Use default character encoding also used for new messages.
False (default): Use character encoding of the message replied to.
mailnews . reply_on_top Integer 1: Reply on top
0 (default): Reply on bottom
mailnews . reply_to_self_check_all_ident Boolean True: Check all identities when replying to self
False(default): Does nothing
mailnews . reply_with_extra_lines Integer The number of extra lines to add after the quoted text.
mailnews . reuse_message_window Boolean True: Messages reuse a window.
False: A new window is used for each message.
mailnews . reuse_thread_window2 Boolean True: Message threads reuse a window.
False: A new window is used for each message thread.
mailnews . scroll_to_new_message Boolean True(default):
mailnews . search_date_format Integer Valid format options are:
0(default): auto-detect the current locale format
1: yyyy/mm/dd
2: yyyy/dd/mm
3: mm/dd/yyyy
4: mm/yyyy/dd
5: dd/mm/yyyy
6: dd/yyyy/mm
mailnews . search_date_separator String Separator for search date (e.g. "/", "-"), or empty when search_date_format is zero
mailnews . search_date_leading_zeroes Boolean Leading zeros for day and month values, not used if mailnews.search_date_format is not zero
mailnews . send_default_charset Boolean
mailnews . send_plaintext_flowed Boolean True (default): Send plain-text messages with flowed attribute, allowing rewrap.
False: Send plain-text messages with hard line breaks as entered.
mailnews . show_send_progress Boolean True (default): Show the progress message box when sending an e-mail.
False: Only show the progress bar in the main window.
mailnews . start_page . enabled Boolean True (default): Enables the start page (which loads at the bottom)
False: Disables the start page
mailnews . start_page . url String Loads that URL instead of the default start page. See Start Page for mail.
mailnews . tcptimeout Integer Connection timeout. Defaults to 120 seconds. Not clear if it still has a upper limit of 240 seconds.
mailnews . thread_pane_column_unthreads Boolean True: Click on any column header other than the thread column unthreads the view.
False (default): Click on any column header other than the tread columns does not change threading, only changes sort order.
mailnews . threadpane_select_delay Integer 250 (default): To improve scrolling performance, prevents immediate display of message when scrolling through threadpane.
mailnews . timeline_is_enabled Boolean Only use this in performance measurement-timeline builds
True: Enables performance measurements
False (default): Does nothing.
mailnews . ui . addressbook_panel_results . version Boolean
mailnews . ui . addressbook_results . version Boolean
mailnews . ui . advanced_directory_search_results . version Boolean
mailnews . ui . deleteMarksRead Boolean True (default): If the user deletes a message before its mark as read timer goes off, the message is marked as read (this ensures that the biff indicator from the system tray is cleared when the new message is deleted). Only works in SeaMonkey 2.1b1 and above. Has no effect in Thunderbird. See Bug 465116
mailnews . ui . junk . firstuse Boolean True (default): Display information about the ant-spam features the first time the junk mail controls are used.
false: Does nothing.
mailnews . ui . junk . manualMarkAsJunkMarksRead Boolean True (default): When the user explicitly marks a message as junk, it is also marked as read. This is independent of the "markAsReadOnSpam" pref, which applies only to messages automatically classified by the bayesian filter.
mailnews . ui . select_addresses_results . version Boolean
mailnews . ui . threadpane . version Boolean
mailnews . use_received_date Boolean
mailnews . view_default_charset Boolean
mailnews . wraplength Integer Wrap a line at this character, when composing plain text messages.


Name Type Meaning of values
news . cache_xover Boolean Unused. Defaults to false.
news . cancel . alert_on_success Boolean
news . cancel . confirm Boolean
news . cc_self Boolean True: Carbon copy the sender on any outgoing discussion messages, independent of news . default_cc
False: Doesn't copy it.
news . default_cc Boolean True: Automatically copy the sender on any outgoing discussion messages using this email address.
False: Doesn't copy it.
news . default_fcc Boolean OSX uses news . use_fcc. instead. True: Automatically copy outgoing discussion messages to this folder.
False: Doesn't copy it.
news . fcc_folder Boolean
news . get_messages_on_select Boolean
news . mark_old_read Boolean
news . max_articles Boolean
news . notify . on Boolean
news . persist_server_open_state_in_folderpane Boolean
news . sash_geometry Boolean
news . show_first_unread Boolean
news . show_size_in_lines Boolean
news . update_unread_on_expand Boolean
news . use_fcc Boolean OSX specific. Other platforms enable this feature using news . default_fcc
True: Automatically copy any outgoing discussion messages to the folder specified by news . default_fcc .
False: Doesn't copy it.
news . wrap_long_lines Boolean

Misc mail settings

Name Type Meaning of values
clipboard . paste_image_type Integer
Determines the order of formats in which images are pasted from the clipboard:
0: Prefer JPEG over PNG over GIF (minimize size)
1: Prefer PNG over JPEG over GIF (default, best quality)
2: Prefer GIF over JPEG over PNG (compatibility, GIF not supported by all platforms)
converter . html2txt . structs Boolean True: Replaces bold with *asterisks*, italics with /slashes/, and underlining with _underscore_ characters when both viewing and sending messages. Exact effects are unclear. [33]
False(default): Does nothing.
editor . singleLine . pasteNewlines Integer A value of 4 substitutes commas for new lines in single line text boxes. There don't appear to be any other values defined.
extensions . strictCompatibility Boolean True (default): Disables legacy add-ons that were not explicitly marked as compatible with Thunderbird 60 by changing maxVersion in the install.rdf file in the add-on to version 60 or greater. [34] The goal was to disable by default any add-ons that probably won't work with version 60 (due to not being actively maintained) without making it unnecessarily difficult for the author to add support for version 60. Add-ons Guide 57-60 describes the modifications that might be necessary due to the changed interfaces.

False: If an add-on is unaffected by the changes in Add-ons Guide 57-60 it might work "as is".

hotmail . selectedTabIndex
javascript . allow . mailnews Boolean True: Interpret javascript within the email client (has no effect on the browser)
False: Don't interpret javascript.
layers . accelerate-all Boolean True (default): Enable Direct3D hardware accelerated compositing of layers.
False: Disable the compositing support. You might need to do this if you get a black profile manager window. [35]
layers . accelerate-none Boolean
ldap_2 . servers . DIRECTORYNAME . autoComplete . commentFormat String If mail . autoComplete . commentColumn is 2 it specifies what LDAP attribute should be displayed in auto-complete. [36]
mapi . blind-send . enabled Boolean True:(default) Warn the user the first time about the blind send
False: Do nothing
mousewheel . withnokey . action Boolean Lightning
mousewheel . withshiftkey . action Boolean Lightning
msgcompose . background_color String
msgcompose . font_face String
msgcompose . font_size String
msgcompose . text_color String
network . cookie . same-site . enabled Boolean True (default): Enables same site cookies (used to disable third-party usage for a specific cookie)[37].
:False: Do this to make CalDAV access to some servers work.
offline . autoDetect Boolean
offline . download . download_messages Integer 0 (default): Ask before synchronizing offline folders when going offline
1: Always synchronize the offline folders when going offline
2: Never synchronize the offline folders when going offline.
offline . news . download . by_date Boolean True (default):
offline . news . download . days Integer Defaults to 30.
offline . news . download . increments Integer 0: Yesterday
1: One week ago
2: Two weeks ago
3(default): One month
4: Six months
5: One year.
offline . news . download . unread_only Boolean True(default):
offline . send . unsent_messages Integer 0: Ask before sending unsent messages when going online
1: Always send unsent messages when going online
2 (default): Never send unsent messages when going online
offline . startup_state Integer 0 (default): Use to set online status at startup
1: Prompt user.
3: Offline.
4: Automatic. [38]
toolkit . telemetry . enabled Boolean True: Gather and report anonymous performance information (mainly for Gloda).
False (default): Does nothing. [39]
permissions.default.image Integer 1 (default): Allow all images to load, regardless of origin. This also enables the "Show Remote Content" button.
2: Block all images from loading.
3: Prevent third-party images from loading.
yahoo . selectedTabIndex

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