Logitech mouse

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This article applies to Firefox.

A number of newer Logitech mice use SetPointâ„¢ drivers. Some versions of the SetPointâ„¢ drivers (ex: older versions on mouse CD) have a problem with the back and forward buttons not working with Firefox. To fix this, use the support download link below to download the updated Logitech drivers for your model. Alternately, you can follow these instructions to make it work.

Select product and product name at,en to find latest SetPoint version for the mouse your using.

Mice that use SetPointâ„¢

  • MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse
  • MX Revolution
  • VX Revolution
  • G3 Laser
  • G5 Laser
  • G7 Laser
  • G9 Laser
  • LX3 Optical Mouse
  • LX5 Cordless
  • LX6 Cordless Optical
  • LX7 Cordless
  • LX700 Cordless
  • LX8 Cordless Laser
  • MediaPlay
  • MX400 Performance Laser
  • MX518
  • MX610 Laser Cordless
  • MX610 Laser Cordless (Left-Hand)
  • MX 620 Cordless Laser
  • MX900 Bluetooth
  • MX1000 laser
  • RX1000 Laser (ROEM)
  • MX3100 Cordless
  • V150
  • V200 Cordless
  • V270 Cordless Bluetooth
  • V320 Cordless
  • V400 Cordless
  • V450 Laser Cordless
  • V470 Cordless Laser Mouse
  • V500 Cordless
  • VX Nano Cordless Laser
  • Cordless Mini
  • Cordless Click!