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This article applies to Firefox and Mozilla Suite.

Below is a list of various keyword searches for Mozilla Suite and Firefox. The keywords shown are only a suggestion and you can change them to fit your preferences. The keywords are case-insensitive. To use a keyword, type the keyword followed by the search terms in the Location Bar. For more information refer to Using keyword searches.

For keyword searches not listed below, the Mozilla extension NeedleSearch allows you to discover the requied URI parameters, not only for searches, but for many other types of forms based interfaces.

Search engines

Name Location/URL Keyword
AlltheWeb atw
AltaVista av dmoz
Dogpile dp
Google g
Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" go
Google Images gi
Google News gn
Looksmart ls
Lycos lycos
Netscape netscape
Yahoo! yahoo
Teoma teoma


Name Location/URL Keyword dict*&Database=*&Query=%s dict dict thes
Wikipedia w
Acronym Finder ac
The Acronym Archive acro


Name Location/URL Keyword
Bugzilla bug
Google Translator trans
Internet Movie Database movie
RFCs rfc rot
SourceForge Project Home Page sf
W3C Validator w3c
W3Schools HTML tag reference html
PHP Function Ref php?


Name Location/URL Keyword
O'Reilly Network you can name
the keywords
to whatever
you want