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For settings regarding LDAP open the Address Book window and go to "File -> New -> LDAP Directory". Complete required details in the General, Offline, and Advanced tabs. LDAP directory settings can also be changed by going to "Tools -> Options -> Composition -> Addresssing" and clicking on the "Edit Directories" button (in the Address Autocompletion panel).

Below is a setup example. (Feel free to add other examples.)

Connecting to an Active Directory (AD) on a MS Small Business Server

"General" tab:

  • Name: Choose a name for this server (there is no must-have value for the field "name"; just choose something).
  • Hostname: The IP address of the server or a domain name which can be resolved from the computer Thunderbird is running on. Keep in mind that there shoud be no firewall blocking the requests.
  • Base DN: When connecting from Thunderbird to an SBS Server, this sould be something like: "ou=SBSUsers,ou=Users,ou=MyBusiness,dc=NameOfMyDomain,dc=local".
  • Port number: Should be 636 when connecting to the server via a non-secure or non-private network; otherwise you can use 389. (Keep firewalls in mind which might block your port requests.)
  • Bind DN: When connecting to an AD on an SBS environment use: "myLoginUsername@NameOfMyDomain.local".
  • Use secure connection (SSL): Checking the SSL option should be the prefered way of operation when connection via public or non-secured networks. Also keep the port setting in mind when changing this.

"Offline" tab:

No changes needed if you want to connect to an AD on an SBS System.

"Advanced" tab:

Choose whatever you like at this tab, but good values should be:

  • Don't return more than ___ results: 100
  • Scope: Subtree
  • Search filter: "(objectclass=*)"

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