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When entering information in the Location Bar, Mozilla attempts to convert the information into a usable URI. For example, “” is automatically converted to “”. When Mozilla is unable to discern what URL the user wanted, the information that was entered may be submitted to an Internet Keywords service. This preference determines whether or not to use Internet Keywords.

Possible values and their effects


If Mozilla cannot determine a URL from information entered in the Location Bar, append the information to the URL in keyword.URL and redirect the user there. (Default)


Display an error message indicating the entered information is not a valid URL.


  • This preference only has an effect when keyword.URL is a valid URL.
  • Setting this preference to true does mean that information will be sent to a third party (or whatever URL is specified in keyword.URL) without prompting. This has possible privacy implications, though no more serious than accidentally submitting a search to Google.
  • Certain proxy servers—most notably, Netscape Proxy Server—implement domain guessing that prevents Internet Keywords from working. In other words, entering “mozilla” into the Location Bar may direct you to automatically instead of submitting the entered term to the Internet Keywords URL.
  • Malformed URIs—such as “http//”—cannot be resolved by Mozilla’s built-in URL fix-up routines, and will be sent to the Internet Keywords service if this preference is true.
  • Even when this preference is set to false, the Internet Keywords service can still be accessed via the keyword: URI scheme. For example, typing keyword:foo in the Location Bar will navigate to the URL in keyword.URL with foo appended.


Mozilla Suite

A checkbox labeled “Enable Internet Keywords” is available under “Edit → Preferences → Navigator → Smart Browsing → Internet Keywords”.

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1999-11-10 by Judson Valeski

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