Importing from Pegasus

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Pegasus supports several mail storage formats, including the mbox format that Thunderbird uses. The main difference in the mbox support is that Pegasus uses a .mbx file extension while Thunderbird uses no file extension for the mbox files.

Several different ways you can import the mail:

  • Use "mail system converter", to convert messages from Pegasus to Netscape. Netscape uses the same mbox format and naming conventions as Thunderbird. Copy the mbox files to your local folders directory in your profile or import them using the ImportExportTools extension. This extension used to be called the mboximport extension.
  • In Pegasus create a new folder, selecting "Unix Mailbox Format" from the pull down. Copy the messages from another folder to the new folder. Close Pegasus. Go to the pmail folder and look for a Admin folder. Look for a file with a MBX extension, it will have some funky name like UNX07CD7.MBX - this will be the new folder in mbox format. Rename it to have no file extension and copy it to your local folders directory in your profile or import it using the ImportExportTools extension. Repeat as needed.

Several different ways to import the address books: