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All of the programs to export IncrediMail messages convert them to .EML files. If none of the programs in the next section work with your configuration you could manually export messages one at a time from IncrediMail as .EML files using the "File -> Save As" command.

You can import the .EML files using the ImportExportTools extension. Don't try to use Thunderbird's File -> Open Saved Message command to import the .EML file. It doesn't actually import it, it only opens it for reading.


  • ReynardWare IncrediMail Converter used to work well. However, recent versions of Incredimail no longer use .imm files, they store messages individually as .iml files. Chris Smowton modified that utility to support the new storage format. Its available here. Its recommended that you use that utility
  • IncrediConvert is the most well known solution, but doesn't work with the latest version of IncrediMail. The author stated in 2007 they would update the program later that year. However, the authors web site now states the sources are lost and they have no plans to update the software unless paid to do so. The same author also wrote the IncrediMail to EML Converter 1.0 program. It also doesn't work with the latest version of IncrediMail.

Normally another alternative would be to use a IMAP account to migrate the messages. However, IncrediMail only supports downloading from a IMAP account so it doesn't make sense to sign up for a free IMAP account, create IMAP accounts in both IncrediMail and Thunderbird, upload the messages to the server, and then download them using Thunderbird. Most email clients that support IMAP let you upload and download messages, and it normally gives you the best results.

Address books

You can export your address books from IncrediMail by selecting the address book, File ->Export , and then export the address book using the .CSV format. You can import the address books in using Tools -> Import -> Address books -> Text files.

External links

  • The Incredimail help page shows how to import folders from Netscape Communicator. That means it can import mbox files (what Thunderbird uses). Thunderbird's profile evolved from Netscape Communicators. There are differences but none that should cause a problem migrating email.