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Opera's *.mbs files are actually mbox files, the same format that Thunderbird uses. They just use a different file name extension. If you're using a POP account you need to create, convert and import them as described below. If you're using a IMAP account the messages are stored in remote folders, you could just create the same IMAP account in Thunderbird and reuse the existing folders.

  • In Opera right click on the folder you want to export, select export, and press the Save button. This should create a mbox file with the folders name and a .mbs file extension
  • Repeat for the rest of the folders you want to export.
  • Use this web site to export the Opera address book as a .csv file. If you are running Windows you could use Dawn to convert the file used to store the address book to a .csv file instead. Look at "Opera Directory" in the Paths section of Help -> About Opera. The *.adr file (address book) is somewhere in that directory tree.
  • Exit Opera.
  • Rename each of the *.mbs files to have no file extension.
  • If you don't have the ImportExportTools extension install it. If you have problems installing it see this article.
  • Start Thunderbird and use Tools -> Import/Export in mbox/eml format -> Import mbox file to import all of the mbox files. This will import the Opera mail folders.
  • Use Tools -> Import -> Address books -> Text files to import the .csv file. This will import the Opera address book.

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