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Color management allows images and colors to be displayed consistently across a variety of devices. Mozilla recognizes embedded ICC profiles in image files and uses a local color profile to perform the color adjustments. This preference determines the output color profile that Mozilla uses in these adjustments.

The extension Color Management can set this preference through a GUI.

Possible values and their effects

A string containing the full path to an ICM profile for output. Default is an empty string in which case the systems global profile is used. If no global profile can be found a default sRGB profile is used.


  • gfx.color_management.enabled must be true for this preference to have an effect.
  • If the monitor is not calibrated correctly for use with the color profile, displayed colors may look worse with color management on.

First checked in

2007-07-23 by Stuart Parmenter (patch by T. Rowley)

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (trunk builds after 2007-07-23)
  • SeaMonkey (trunk builds after 2007-07-23)

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