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Triaging bug reports

  • Unconfirmed DUPEME bugs - Someone thinks each bug here has a duplicate in the system. This needs confirming!
  • Unconfirmed Critical Browser-General Bugs - These bugs report crashes or major loss of function. They should be categorized and if possible reproduced.
  • Recent Duplicates - A cross-section of bugs recently marked as Duplicate. Use this along with Find-as-you-type to find commonly duped bugs matching certain keywords. Or, customize the query to search only a specific component for dupes. Searching for other duplicates is a great way to find out if an unconfirmed bug is a duplicate.
  • Popular bugs - Bugs with more than 15 votes. This is another useful query to use for finding dupes.
  • Very old unconfirmed bugs - Bugs that have gone 450 days without any change. Check to see if they're still relevant.
  • Recent bugs with worksforme comments - These are unconfirmed bugs where at least one commenter used the phrase wfm or worksforme. Try to reproduce and report your results.
  • WFM in most recent comment - This page links to bugs by platform whose most recent comment contained a phrase suggesting a worksforme resolution.
  • "Good First Bug" - These bugs are marked as being good learning bugs for people new to Mozilla source and patching. Find more candidates or try your hand at coding Mozilla!

(When adding Bugzilla queries links to this list, please use this bookmarklet to shorten the query urls. If you're going to post the link without any code, use TinyURL or SnipURL.)