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Page is still loading

If you try typing in a text box on certain sites before the page is finished loading the focus can be confused and not respond as if you're focused in a text field. Waiting for the page to finish loading or refreshing the page can resolve the issue.

Multiple windows

Opening multiple windows using a desktop or quick launch shortcut can cause a focus bug which breaks clipboard tasks, and other focus-dependent tasks, especially in text fields (Bug 220900). Minimizing the windows and maximizing them will usually reset focus once this issue is encountered. To avoid seeing this issue altogether, launch new windows using the New Window menu item, or shortcut (Ctrl+N) or add a New Window button to your toolbar.

Other solutions

  • Make sure that "Search for text when I start typing" is not selected (in "Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General")
  • Open and close a dialog window from the Menu bar (e.g., "Tools -> Downloads") then click back in the text box to start typing again.
  • Install the SEARCHHOTKEYS extension to redefine the apostrophe ( ' ) and slash ( / ) keys used to invoke the Find bar and change them to rarely-typed characters. [1] [2]
    • the apostrophe ( ' ) prefix starts a "Quick Find" that is restricted to link text.
    • the slash ( / ) prefix starts a "Quick Find" that searches the entire page.

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