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Single-line text fields do not allow users to input newlines. Pasting content, however, poses a problem: what happens if pasted content contains newlines? This is often handled differently on different platforms. This preference determines what happens to multi-line content when it is pasted into a single-line text field. The area for email addresses is affected by this preference. Changes are valid only for succeeding windows.

Possible values and their effects


Paste content intact (include newlines)


Paste the content up to (but not including) the first newline (Default prior to Firefox 3)


Replace each newline with a space (Default in Firefox 3)


Remove all newlines from content


Replace each newline with a comma


Remove all newlines and surrounding whitespace


  • A value of 4 only has an effect in Mozilla products released after 2004-01-29.
  • A value of 5 only has an effect in Mozilla products released after 2005-12-20.

First checked in

2000-09-01 by Akkana Peck

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Suite (all versions since M18)
  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions)
  • SeaMonkey (all versions)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (all versions)

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