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Download sites: Get Lightning or Sunbird Calendar


The Lightning extension for the Thunderbird email client, or the Seamonkey email client, can obtained from the Lightning download page. Stable builds are available prebuilt for Windows32 (2000/XP/Vista/7), Linux (x86), and Mac OS X (x86/PPC).

Localization: Lightning is localized for the same locales as Sunbird (for a list of locales, see localized Sunbird builds). All these locales are included in the Lightning extension itself, so if Thunderbird displays one of these locales, Lightning should display the same locale.

System requirements are the same as the corresponding Thunderbird system requirements, or Seamonkey system requirements, because Lightning must be installed into Thunderbird or Seamonkey.

(Contributed builds may also be available for Linux (x86-64) or OS/2.)


The Calendar project has stopped updating Sunbird due to lack of developers building Sunbird. Continuing development focuses on Lightning.

The last Sunbird 1.0b1 standalone calendar application can be obtained from the Sunbird download page. Stable builds are available prebuilt for Windows32 (2000/XP/Vista/7), Linux (x86), and Mac OS X (x86/PPC). For Linux x86-64, see other systems. For Sparc see previous release other systems.

Localized builds are available for languages other than English (US). Any 0.9 build can be localized with the language packs (sunbird -UILocale langCode). (Experimental language packs may also appear at the add-ons site.)

For other operating systems, such as for OS/2, check the contributed builds.

System requirements.

Experimental Calendar Extension for Seamonkey (CalExt)

The Calendar Extension (CalExt) for Seamonkey is currently not updated by the Calendar project, but one person has made public a patched experimental version that runs on recent versions of Seamonkey (1.1, 1.5a).

Experimental CalExt for Seamonkey

(Lightning does not run on Seamonkey versions which use the "xpfe" library, such as Seamonkey version 1.1. Seamonkey 2.0 has been reimplemented to use the "toolkit" library with platform 1.9.1, and can use Lightning 1b1. Seamonkey 2.1 uses platform 1.9.3, so it is not compatible with Lightning 1b2 which requires platform 1.9.2., but is expected to be compatible with a future version of Lightning.)


The Calendar project distributes two closely related prerelease calendar clients. Lightning is an extension for the Thunderbird email client or Seamonkey email client. Sunbird is a standalone calendar application without email. Lightning and Sunbird share most of their core calendaring, display, storage, and networking features. Lightning was originally missing a view (multiweek view) and search (event list), but those features have been integrated from Sunbird. Lightning can receive and send invitations and responses via Thunderbird email or Seamonkey email.