Dialog too small or too large

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Mozilla applications do not always make dialog windows the right size. Some are not big enough to display all their contents. Some are so big that they do not fit on your screen. Not everyone sees these problems—they depend on your system font and display settings. (These problems are the subject of various bug reports—for example: bug 283697)

You can work around these problems with a userChrome.css file that sets the size of each dialog, adding a scroll bar if necessary. Here are some examples of settings that you can copy and paste into your userChrome.css file. Adjust the numbers by trial and error to suit your system, restarting the application after each change, to see the results.

Note:  1 ex is approximately the height of a lower case x character. 1 em is approximately the height of one line of text.

If you see this problem in other dialogs that are not included in these examples, ask a question in the appropriate support forum for the Mozilla application that you are using.

Dialog too small

If dialogs are too small, so that some of the contents are not visible, try these settings.

Browser dialogs

#BrowserPreferences {width: 78ex !important; height: 40em !important;}
#ConnectionsDialog {width: 78ex !important;}
#FontsDialog {width: 78ex !important; height: 35em !important;}
#OCSPDialog {width: 78ex !important; height: 22em !important;}
#LanguagesDialog {width: 60ex !important; height: 30em !important;}

Mail dialogs

#MailPreferences {width: 78ex !important; height: 60em !important;}
#accountManager {width: 88ex !important; height: 64em !important;}
/* Insert HTML */ textbox#srcInput[multiline=true] {min-width: 100ex !important;}

Dialog too large

If dialogs are too large, so that they do not fit on your screen, try these settings.

Mail dialogs

/* address book card */
#abTabPanels > vbox {height: 40em; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: scroll;}