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This article demonstrates how to change the looks and function of the throbber. The throbber is the little "circle of dots" activity indicator in the upper right corner and on every loading tab.


You can customize it's looks by editing your userChrome.css file. Copy the image files in your profile/chrome folder. Restart Firefox.

/*Custom Throbber*/
toolbar #navigator-throbber { list-style-image: url("filename of the static throbber") 
!important; }
toolbar #navigator-throbber[busy="true"] { list-style-image: url("filename of the 
animated throbber") !important; }


Since Firefox 2.0 the throbber no longer acts as a link. You can return the link functionality with the Throbber Button extension which allows you to choose among four links of your own choice.

Prior to Firefox 2.0 when you clicked on the throbber, it acted like a bookmark, which by default took you to the Firefox homepage. You can customize the URL if you want to.

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