Changing Thunderbird windows back to classic mode

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Thunderbird 2.0 for Windows user interface imitates the default Windows XP Luna theme, unlike the 1.0.x releases. This means the menus look more like other applications on the default Windows XP theme, but they look out of place on the Windows Classic theme, and on Windows 2000, 98, ME. This page explains how you can change your menus back to how they looked on 1.0.x releases.


Since all the changes were made in the theme via CSS, they can all be overridden easily. Unlike Firefox, this also works for the about:config view.

Simply copy and paste the following in your userChrome.css file in your profile folder:

/* Classic Menus */
.menu-iconic-text {
 margin-top: 0px !important;

.menu-iconic-left {
 margin-top: 1px !important;
 margin-bottom: 1px !important;
 min-width: 12px;
 -moz-margin-start: 2px;
 -moz-margin-end: 2px;

menubar > menu {
 border: 1px solid transparent !important;
 padding-top: 0px !important;
 padding-bottom: 1px !important;
 margin-bottom: 1px !important;
 -moz-padding-start: 2px;
 -moz-padding-end: 3px;

menubar > menu[_moz-menuactive="true"] {
 background-color: transparent !important;
 color: MenuText !important;
 border-top: 1px solid ThreeDHighlight !important;
 border-right: 1px solid ThreeDShadow !important;
 border-bottom: 1px solid ThreeDShadow !important;
 border-left: 1px solid ThreeDHighlight !important;

menubar > menu[_moz-menuactive="true"][open="true"] {
 background-color: transparent !important;
 color: MenuText !important;
 border-top: 1px solid ThreeDShadow !important;
 border-right: 1px solid ThreeDHighlight !important;
 border-bottom: 1px solid ThreeDHighlight !important;
 border-left: 1px solid ThreeDShadow !important;
 padding-top: 1px !important;
 -moz-padding-end: 2px !important;
 padding-bottom: 0px !important;
 -moz-padding-start: 3px !important;

/* Classic Popups */
popup {
 border: 2px solid !important;
 -moz-border-top-colors: ThreeDLightShadow ThreeDHighlight !important;
 -moz-border-right-colors: ThreeDDarkShadow ThreeDShadow !important;
 -moz-border-bottom-colors: ThreeDDarkShadow ThreeDShadow !important;
 -moz-border-left-colors: ThreeDLightShadow ThreeDHighlight !important;
 padding: 1px !important;
 min-width: 1px !important;
 background-color: Menu;

.autocomplete-history-popup {
 border-width: 1px !important;
 -moz-border-top-colors: ThreeDDarkShadow !important;
 -moz-border-right-colors: ThreeDDarkShadow !important;
 -moz-border-bottom-colors: ThreeDDarkShadow !important;
 -moz-border-left-colors: ThreeDDarkShadow !important;
 padding: 0px !important;
 background-color: -moz-Field !important;

menulist > menupopup,
.menulist-menupopup {
 border-width: 1px !important;
 -moz-border-top-colors: -moz-FieldText !important;
 -moz-border-right-colors: -moz-FieldText !important;
 -moz-border-bottom-colors: -moz-FieldText !important;
 -moz-border-left-colors: -moz-FieldText !important;
 padding: 0px;
 min-width: 0px;
 background-color: -moz-Field;