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Q. What are optimized Camino builds and where can I get them?

A. Optimized builds are compiled with optimization flags for certain processors. This can mean if you use a build compiled for your processor you could experience:

1) Increased application loading times
2) Increased page rendering
3) And possible increased stability or resolution of certain bugs

Enthusiasts compile the optimized builds. The official builds do contain some optimizations but they are less processor specific.

Processor Types:

G3 – 750
G4 – 7400
G4 – 7450 (Newer G4 Processors)
G5 - 970
Core Duo
Core 2 Duo

Optimized builds can be found here:

Pimp My Camino

Many optimized builders also have a thread in MozillaZine's Camino forum.

Warning: Builds compiled outside of Camino Project control could be subject to undesirable changes, accidental or otherwise.