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Pimp My Camino - “Custom parts for your Camino”
Hiroto Sakai's preference panes

There are fewer Camino “extensions” because Camino's user interface is not written in XUL (used for Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla/SeaMonkey UI, and for their extensions) but instead is written in Cocoa, the native UI toolkit on Mac OS X.

However, it is possible to make some XUL extensions work with Camino by re-implementing the extension's UI as a Camino preference pane (particularly if the bulk of the extension is an XPCOM component; Camino’s built-in “Block Flash animations” preference is an example). Other “extensions” can be created using the scripting capabilities of Mac OS X or by creating native Cocoa preference panes.

See Pimp My Camino for the latest news on Camino add-ons.