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There are several calendar add-ons that work with Thunderbird.


Lightning is the most well known, provides the most functionality and gets the most attention/support from Mozilla Messaging. It was originally going to be integrated with Thunderbird 3.0 but wasn't ready in time. Its available as an add-on instead.

If you upgrade to a new Thunderbird version you may have problems with the calendar data if you go back to an older version since historically Lightning versions have been closely tied to specific Thunderbird releases. You can typically work around this by exporting the data before changing versions.

Calendar Help is an add-on to provide help for Lightning. Calendar Tweaks adds some tweaks to make the calendar user interface more usable. Remember the Milk Provider adds support for Remember The Milk task lists. ICS Inspector adds some menu commands for calendar debugging. Timeline adds a timeline at the bottom of the screen. There are many other add-ons to enhance Lightning.

You don't need the Provider for Google Calendar extension to access Google Calendar using Lightning. You can use the built-in CalDAV support. See the Google Calendar online help for how to configure it.

There is a Calendar forum on MozillaZine to discuss Lightning and Sunbird. You'd normally ask for help on the other calendar add-ons in the Thunderbird Support forum.


The Lightbird add-on provides a standalone calendar user interface based on Lightning, if you don't want to use Thunderbrid for anything else.

Google calendar tab

Google Calendar Tab adds a tab containing the web interface for Google Calendar in Thunderbird. Its limited to just one calendar. Its main advantage is its a very simple solution, and you don't need yet another add-on to sync your calendar with an online service. This blog entry has many comments about it.

It requires Thunderbird 3.0 or later. Similar extensions are ThunderCal , G-Hub Lite , WebApp Tabs and Thunderbird Tabs


ReminderFox is a simpler calendar for Firefox and Thunderbird. It supports iCal/ICS based reminders , ToDo's following industry standard RFC 5545/5546 Internet Calendaring and Scheduling / iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP) and CalDAV for syncing with remote calendars (like Google Calendar, OwnCloud or fruux:Contacts, calendars & tasks) or devices.

The Thunderbird version supports adding reminders to messages (on a received message or while sending one), tagging a message with a reminder to let you search for it, or adding a reminder for a contact in address book. It also supports importing/exporting calendar data amd sending/receiving invitations.

See documentation and CalDAV Support for detailed instructions on how to setup and use it.

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