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In Firefox 3, the Location Bar received a number of improvements. Among those improvements was the move to a XUL richlistbox widget for the Location Bar dropdown. This allowed styled URL/title information, favicons, and highlighted match information. This preference determined whether to use the enhanced dropdown or the original. If you’d like to disable the improved Location Bar dropdown in a version of Firefox without this preference, try the oldbar extension.

Possible values and their effects


Display the dropdown of the Location Bar as a richlistbox widget. (Default)


Use the standard dropdown widget for the Location Bar.


  • This preference is read when a browser window first opens, so the effects of changing its value won’t be seen until a new window opens or until the browser restarts.

First checked in

2007-11-29 by Seth Spitzer

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (nightly builds from 2007-11-29 to 2007-12-17)

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