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This pref has been removed as part of the Firefox 4.0 theme work. Users can now specify the tab width using css via UserChrome.css or use the Custom Tab Width extension.


Tabs on Firefox’s tab strip may shrink or grow as tabs are added or removed, allowing more tabs to be visible at once. This preference (in conjunction with browser.tabs.tabMinWidth) determines the maximum width of tabs on the tab strip.

Possible values and their effects

Any positive integer value of pixels. Browser tabs may be this wide or narrower. Default value is 250.

First checked in

2007-05-25 by Ryan Flint (patch by Dão Gottwald)

Removed in

2010-07-11 by Dão Gottwald

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (nightly builds since 2007-05-25)

Not present after

  • Mozilla Firefox (nightly builds since 2010-07-11; 4.0b2)

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