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Firefox 2.0 incorporates the Google Safe Browsing extension in its own Phishing Protection feature to detect and warn users of phishy web sites.

If the user wants to report a false negative (a site that’s phishy but isn’t caught by the Safe Browsing service), they are directed to the URL in this preference if this Safe Browsing service is selected in browser.safebrowsing.dataProvider.

This is an enumerated preference: all preferences whose names start with browser.safebrowsing.provider. are read to generate the list of Safe Browsing providers. The * in the preference name is a non-negative integer, and matches the number in the other preferences needed to describe a provider. It also determines the order in which the providers appear in the options dialog.

Possible values and their effects

The URL for the false negative submission form.

By default, the following preference and value exists:


(The string {moz:locale} is replaced by the value of general.useragent.locale.)

First checked in

2006-05-12 by Brett Wilson

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (nightly builds since 2006-05-12; 2.0a3 and above)

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