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Firefox 2.0 introduces in-browser feed handling. In the feed preview interface, users can choose to subscribe to the feed using an application or web site. This preference, along with browser.contentHandlers.types.*.title and browser.contentHandlers.types.*.type, determines which web sites are listed in the “Subscription Options” dialog.

This is an enumerated preference: all preferences whose names start with browser.contentHandlers.types. are read to generate the list of web sites. The * in the preference name is a non-negative integer, and matches the number in the two other preferences needed to describe a feed-handling web site. (For example: browser.contentHandlers.types.0.title, browser.contentHandlers.types.0.type, and browser.contentHandlers.types.0.uri describe one website to be listed in the dialog.) It also determines the order in which the web sites appear in the dialog.

Preferences of this form were briefly named browser.contentHandlers.types.uri* before this name was decided.

Possible values and their effects

A string containing the URI of the web site described by browser.contentHandlers.types.*.title handling the MIME type specified in browser.contentHandlers.types.*.type. The URI should contain the string %s, which will be substituted by the feed’s URL if the site is picked.

By default, the following preferences and values exist:


Previous effects

2006-05-02 by Ben Goodger

First checked in

2006-05-02 by Ben Goodger

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (branch builds after 2006-05-04; 2.0)

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