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Firefox 1.5 introduced a dated bookmark backup feature to compensate for the relatively common case of bookmarks being lost due to a system crash. By default, five sets of bookmarks are kept in the bookmarkbackups folder. However, there are situations where a user may want to disable bookmark backups, or increase the number of backups kept. This preference allows for those options.

Possible values and their effects

A non-negative integer corresponding to the number of bookmark backups to keep. Setting to 0 will disable backups; -1 will keep an unlimited number of backups. The default is 5 in Firefox 3 versions and has been increased to 10 in Firefox 4+ versions [1].

First checked in

2006-06-12 by Joe Hughes

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (1.8 branch and trunk builds after 2006-06-12; 2.0)

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