XPCOM:EventReceiver is not responding message on system shutdown

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This article deals with a program called "XPCOM:EventReceiver" not shutting down properly when Windows is shut down. This problem has been solved in many different ways for many different users.


Firefox itself

  • Turning off Firefox's anti-phishing feature may stop this from occurring. Tools -> Options -> Security and uncheck "Tell me if the site I'm visiting is a suspected forgery".[1][2].
  • Unintalling Firefox, removing its installation directory and reinstalling may fix this problem.[3]


Having certain extensions installed can cause this problem. If you have any of these extensions, disable them to see if they fix the problem.

Other software

This problem may be caused by other applications whose relation to Firefox is not clear.

  • Google Desktop[10][11]
  • Outpost Firewall - make sure the loopback connection is allowed[12]p[
  • Video drivers - try updating or rolling back your video driver[13][14]

Other causes

This problem may be a secondary effect of Firefox hanging. Check Firefox hangs for more solutions.

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