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===Calendar List=== ===Calendar List===
-* reorder calendar list+* <strike>reorder calendar list</strike>
** mentioned [ (1) 2004-06-28] ** mentioned [ (1) 2004-06-28]
-** <strike>9v: [ bug 266249] (reorder)</strike>+** <strike>9v: [ bug 266249]</strike> (drag and drop to reorder)
===Table/Tree views=== ===Table/Tree views===

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Index of Wishes for Mozilla Calendar/Sunbird
(Frequently Requested Enhancements)




  • No discussion here, discuss elsewhere, then add link here.
  • Organized into hierarchical categories
  • mentioned: links to thread with dates when they were mentioned
  • FAQ: links to any relevant FAQs
  • 4v: Links to any relevant bug/rfe's, with bug/rfe testers' votes, bounties.
  • extension: links to site of an extension that addressses issue.

Source threads

  • (1) MozillaZine forum topic 'Calendar Wish List' 2003-09-06 -- 2004-10-12.
  • (2) MozillaZine forum topic 'Sunbird: my wish-list' 2004-10-25 -- 2004-11-12.
  • (3) MozillaZine forum topic 'Lightning 0.9 Wish List' 2008-04-11.


Event/Task Dialogs

Grid Views


Calendar List

Table/Tree views


Help Menu


Address Book


OS Integration




  • hide private events/tasks from publish
  • subscribe without alarms
  • button and periodic interval for refreshing/publishing a calendar
    • reload button for subscribed calendar
      • calendars pane: popup menu | Reload remote calendars
      • Sunbird menu: File | Reload remote calendars
      • Sunbird toolbar: view | customize toolbars..., drag 'Reload' to toolbar
      • mentioned (1) 2004-06-28
      • 2v: bug 256890
      • 5v: bug 207381
    • auto-refresh for subscribed calendar

Export File

Import File



Calendar/Sunbird is supported by volunteers. If you need to see a particular bug fixed soon,

If you would like to see more bugs fixed in general, consider donating to the Calendar project.

One use of past donations was to sponsor a new contributor working on an automated GUI test suite. (An automated test suite tests changes more quickly and frequently than testing the same parts by hand. Developers can make faster progress with more confidence and fewer regressions.)

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