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List of Knowledge Base vandals

Previous set of vandals blocked. 2005-01-26, hao2lian

  • Lawrephord28 - I'm not sure this person intended to vandalize, but at best they know enough to edit a wiki but misunderstand the point of the kb.

Done. For the record of the court, his username is Lawrephord28. --hao2lian
  • Yt4nh6lk — I can't figure out his IP address so I can't ban this guy (username banning is disabled by default on this new version of MediaWiki). Can anyone?
You'll need developer access.Superm401 14:40, 6 Feb 2005 (PST)
Ah. --hao2lian
  • Edwardmerritt - spam
Apparently, I've already deleted the page and the original creator was a non-user. --hao2lian
Done. --hao2lian