Using AOL and AIM mail

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How do I use Mozilla with AOL E-Mail?

Setup a new account and use IMap.

Incoming server: Username: Your screen name

Outgoing Server (SMTP): Post: 587 Name: Screen name

You will be asked for the password when you connect for the first time.

Note: You can not manually add messages to the Inbox or Sent Items folders. Messages will be added to those folders after messages has been sent and received by the AOL server. Use local folders (important) for Sent/Drafts/Template - configure this under account settings and select Copies & Folders., Messages will only be added to these folders when an e-mail is received or sent by the AOL IMAP server. Therefore, make sure you use local folders for Sent, Drafts and Templates. To specify this, open the Account Settings again and select the "Copies & Folders" item under the AOL account.

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