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Create a new account in Mozilla Suite or Thunderbird and choose IMAP as your server type. Then, use the following information to complete the fields:

Incoming server (IMAP)
Port Leave it to be set automatically (993 for SSL)
Security Settings/connection AOL supports SSL, so you should probably use it.
Security Settings/Use secure authentication Do not check; AOL does not support this; see Note, below.
Username Your screen name
Outgoing Server (SMTP)
Username Your screen name
Security/connection AOL supports SSL, so you should probably use it; use port 465 in this case.
Port 587 (but 465 for SSL)
Description Name Whatever you wish

You will be asked for the password when you connect for the first time.

You cannot manually add messages to the Inbox or Sent Items folders. Messages will be added to those folders after messages have been sent and received by the AOL server. You should probably use Local Folders if you want to store sent mail, email drafts, and templates. You can configure this under the account settings by selecting "Copies & Folders" under Account Settings. However, if you use Thunderbird/Mozilla (not AOL webmail or the AOL mail client) to create folders with different names (e.g. Drafts--Tbird and Sent--Tbird) and change your "Copies & Folders" account settings appropriately, you may be able to get Thunderbird to save drafts and sent mail in them; I did.

Note: If you enable SSL, your password and email content is protected while in transit between you and AOL's servers, but enabling SSL won't cause mail to be protected while in transit between AOL's servers and other mail servers.

For Non-US AOL Customers – Here are your Country's Server Addresses:-

UK &

Canada &

Australia &

Mexico &

Argentina &

Brazil &

France &

Germany &

Japan &


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