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* [ Testing New Profile and Safe Mode] * [ Testing New Profile and Safe Mode]
* [ Wiki Markup] * [ Wiki Markup]
 +=[|My Styles] that I've rewritten from my userChrome code for use in Stylish:=
 +Advantage of styles over userChrome.css is you can instantly modify and see results, disadvantage won't work if extensions are disabled.
 +* [ Bookmarks Toolbar Blue/Folders, Red/Bookmarks |]
 +* [ Color Toolbar(s) to identify profile (DM*) |]
 +* [ Menu and SearchBar Minimal Height (DM*) |]
 +* [ Navigation/Location Bar Minimal Height |]
 +* [ Tab Color Underscoring active/read/unread |]
 +* [ Tabs Bar Mimimal Size |]
=Extensions= =Extensions=

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David McRitchie, my main Firefox web page begins with

Another way of viewing my website is through

My System: Firefox using about 110 enabled extensions, Dell Inspiron 1521 (laptop) with pre installed Windows Vista Basic Home (32 bit), hardware: AMD Turin 64 X2 Mobil Technology TL-50, 1.87 GB RAM, ATI Radeon XL270, Hard drive is 160 GB (8GB reserved), Windows NTSF files. laptop has a 15" screen (13" x 8")


Additional Firefox pages on my website:

Styles that I've rewritten from my userChrome code for use in Stylish:

Advantage of styles over userChrome.css is you can instantly modify and see results, disadvantage won't work if extensions are disabled.


See a list of extensions on my home page that I have brief documented summaries for extensions that I use (or have used), I currently use about 90 extensions that are shown on my InfoLister listing, which has dropped somewhat due to problems with new versions of Firefox.

Additional Description/Documentation

More information on Extensions than could be included in brief summaries on my home page

Facilities that should be built-in to Firefox as seen in these Extensions

Extensions that should be built-in to Firefox (with all of an extensions features included), see my home page for brief descriptions and links.

  • Auto Hide, Hide/See the toolbars of your choice in Full Screen (F11/context) [Options] [Context]
  • Bookmark Sorting, logical recursive bookmarks sort with option to leave the Personal Toolbar untouched.
  • Duplicate Tab, Duplicate a tab to a new tab (Ctrl+Shift+U) or to a new window (Ctrl+Shift+N), and it allows you to merge different windows (Ctrl+Shift+M) in one window. [Tab Context]
  • Document Map, Displays the current page's H1-Hn heading structure (indented by heading level) in the sidebar (Alt+O)
  • Enhanced Bookmarks Search, Search by Title, Location, description or keyword including modifiers of contains, starts with, ends with, is, is not, doesn't contain.
  • Keyconfig (keyboard shortcuts), view/change any existing keyboard shortcut to another shortcut, or remove a shortcut Fx3 Problems
  • Keyword Bar, sidebar containing all bookmarks with a keyword shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+K)
  • Locate in Bookmarks, Adds Locate to the Bookmarks Manager context menu so you can tell what “folder” your selected bookmark is in.
  • Menu Editor, Hide/unhide/rearrange menu items and separators
  • Mouse Zoom, Zooming of page with mouse controls (some of this has been built-in to Fx3)
  • OpenBook, customization of the Add Bookmark (Ctrl+D) dialog, Including keyword and Description
  • Open Profile Folder, Opens current profile folder in Windows File Manager
  • Quick Restart, partially done in Firefox 3, but no keyboard shortcut
  • Read Easily, Adds a toolbar button (toggles) to make hard to read sites readable by removing gaudy CSS usage
  • Split Browser, Splits the content area of the browser window Top|Bottom |Left|Right by dragging a link to the edge of any frame or via context menu.
  • Work Offline, Adds an icon to indicate and switch online/offoline mode on the status bar.

In addition would highly recommend these extensions for almost General Usage

  • Copy All Url, Copies all URLs of open tabs in structured form (sorted or in tab order) to clipboard for pasting.
  • Copy URL plus, Copy to clipboard a single link via context menu as a formatted link the document’s URL along with the title or the selection. Highly customizable.
  • Customize Google, Enhance Google search results and remove ads and spam, has a nice streaming option as well.
  • Launchy, Enable opening links and mailto's with external applications.
  • Linky, Open all or selected links or text links into multiple tabs (|windows); or all images or image links as images into one|multiple tabs(|windows).
  • Page Diff, a simple page differences application, compares of two HTML files identified from their web pages.
  • Stylish, Customize the look of websites and the user interface. Mostly snips that could be used in userChrome.css, but can be toggled on/off instantly.
  • Table Tools, Sort, filter or copy any table (Ctrl+Alt+click sorts, Ctrl+Shift+click shows filter, Ctrl+z+click allows copying in various formats.
  • Web Developer, Adds a menu (and a toolbar) with various web development tools. Mostly an arrangement of bookmarklets type material.

Problems and Pet Peeves

  • Addons_2007 New Format major problems (Bug: 372841) very little improvement at AMO (, even if I personally can do searches with Google.
  • Profile not readily available for users, makes it difficult to help others and wastes tens of thousands of hours in the Firefox community (finding/helping/documenting).
  • Selecting profile to be used, doesn't tell you which Firefox version and in which folder is asking you to choose a profile, also want to know who asked to start Firefox.
  • Bloated extensions or extensions where a simple user configuration change would have sufficed Options (Tools menu), about:config, userContent.css, userContent.css, user.js)
  • Big Toolbar or Status bar icons, McAfee SiteAdivisor uses about 10% of status bar instead of 16x16 pixels, Launchy toolbar icon useless drop down arrow making icon too high for toolbar.
  • Changing color of BACK and FORWARD buttons from Green to Blue, with difficult visual effects.
  • Inability to lock a Tab (Bug: 392313) without an extension such as "PermaTabs" (conflicts with "Customize Google") or with very questionable "TMP" (bloated, poor - reversed naming usage). Strange to have an outright rejection as Opera has some of what is wanted. Very difficult to work with validating a lot of links when invoking a link can hide the page you are working on then get it refreshed, so you have to start all over again.  You can use a bookmarklet to so that any link on page will open in a New Tab ("NT:) or in the Same Tab ("ST:").