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(Extensions - to include facilities that should be builtin to Firefox currently only available in extensons)
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(Additional Firefox pages on my website:)
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* [ Extensions], my choices (past/present) with short descriptions * [ Extensions], my choices (past/present) with short descriptions
* [ FAQ about Firefox 2.0 (Fx2 issues)] * [ FAQ about Firefox 2.0 (Fx2 issues)]
 +* [ Firefox Documentation], how to locate and find Firefox Documentation
* [ Firefox Portable (notes)] * [ Firefox Portable (notes)]
* [ Keyword Shortcuts] * [ Keyword Shortcuts]
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* [ Profile] * [ Profile]
* [ QuickLaunch additions for Firefox Usage] (Windows) * [ QuickLaunch additions for Firefox Usage] (Windows)
 +* [ Search], Most Firefox questions asked in newsgroups could have been answered by simply searching
* [ Tabbed Browsing in Firefox] * [ Tabbed Browsing in Firefox]
* [ Testing New Profile and Safe Mode] * [ Testing New Profile and Safe Mode]

Revision as of 15:41, 10 April 2008

David McRitchie, my main Firefox web page begins with

Another way of viewing my website is through

My System: Firefox using about 110 enabled extensions, Dell Inspiron 1521 (laptop) with pre installed Windows Vista Basic Home (32 bit), hardware: AMD Turin 64 X2 Mobil Technology TL-50, 1.87 GB RAM, ATI Radeon XL270, Hard drive is 160 GB (8GB reserved), Windows NTSF files. laptop has a 15" screen (13" x 8")


Additional Firefox pages on my website:


See a list of extensions on my home page that I have brief documented summaries for extensions that I use (or have used), I currently use about 90 extensions that are shown on my InfoLister listing, which has dropped somewhat due to problems with new versions of Firefox.

Additional Description/Documentation

More information on Extensions than could be included in brief summaries on my home page

Facilities that should be builtin to Firefox as seen in these Extensions

Extensions that should be builtin to Firefox (with all of an extensions features included), see my home page for brief descriptions and links.

  • Auto Hide, Hide/See the toolbars of your choice in Full Screen (F11/context) [Options] [Context]
  • Document Map, Displays the current page's H1-Hn heading structure (indented by heading level) in the sidebar (Alt+O)
  • Enhanced Bookmarks Search, Search by Title, Location, description or keyword including modifiers of contains, starts with, ends with, is, is not, doesn't contain.
  • Keyconfig (keyboard shortcuts), view/change any existing keyboard shortcut to another shortcut, or remove a shortcut
  • Keyword Bar, sidebar containing all bookmarks with a keyword shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+K)
  • Locate in Bookmarks, Adds Locate to the Bookmarks Manager context menu so you can tell what “folder” your selected bookmark is in.
  • Menu Editor, Hide/unhide/rearrange menu items and separators
  • Mouse Zoom, Zooming of page with mouse controls
  • OpenBook, customization of the Add Bookmark (Ctrl+D) dialog, Including keyword and Description

Problems and Pet Peeves

  • Addons_2007 New Format major problems (Bug: 372841) very little improvement at AMO (, even if I personally can do searches with Google.
  • Profile not readily available for users, makes it difficult to help others and wastes tens of thousands of hours in the Firefox community (finding/helping/documenting).
  • Bloated extensions or extensions where a simple user configuration change would have sufficed Options (Tools menu), about:config, userContent.css, userContent.css, user.js)
  • Inability to lock a Tab (Bug: 392313) without an extension such as "PermaTabs" (conflicts with "Customize Google") or with very questionable "TMP" (bloated, poor - reversed naming usage). Strange to have an outright rejection as Opera has some of what is wanted. Very difficult to work with validating a lot of links when invoking a link can hide the page you are working on then get it refreshed, so you have to start all over again.  You can use a bookmarklet to so that any link on page will open in a New Tab ("NT:) or in the Same Tab ("ST:").