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I try the following queries and advice in mind as I work:

--> Working on Wikis
The Four-way test from Rotary International

  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better relationships?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

--> Working with others on Wikis
Queries from the Religious Society of Friends

  • Do I approach others with respect and concern?
  • Am I concerned with community and its needs?
  • Am I an agent for tolerance and acceptance?
  • Can I forgive others easily?
  • Is there harmony between what I believe and how I act?

--> Working through Conflict
Some suggestions from Larry Sanger on what wiki users should do:

  • Be open and warmly welcoming, not insular,
  • Be focused singlemindedly on writing, not on Usenet-style debate,
  • Recognize and praise the best work, work that is detailed, factual, well-informed, and well-referenced,
  • Work to understand what neutrality requires and why it is so essential to and good for this project,
  • Treat your fellow productive, well-meaning users with respect and good will,
  • Attract and honor good people who know a lot and can write about it well, and
  • Show the door to trolls, vandals, and wiki-anarchists, who if permitted would waste your time and create a poisonous atmosphere here.

--> An outline for a Wikicovenant from Kingturtle:

  • Make others feel welcome (even longtime participants; even those you dislike)
  • Create and continue a friendly environment
  • Turn the other cheek (which includes walking away from potential edit wars)
  • Give praise, especially to those you don't know (most people like to know they are wanted and appreciated)
  • Forgive

See also:

--> Words of Wikiwisdom

  • Be bold in using non-sysop powers. Be timid in using Wikipedia:sysop powers. Be bold when you anticipate no objections. Be timid when objections have already been expressed. -- Martin
  • ...being an administrator places a very heavy burden of responsibility. Administrators become the brunt of all the misguided antagonism from disgruntled and problem users, and yet must always act with the utmost dignity and level-headedness. -- Mark Ryan
  • almost all actions are reversible -- unlike military force. There's no "Votes for unbombing" -- me on why there isn't a "Wikijunta"
  • One doesn't fight a troll. Reverse troll. Take a troll and transmute it into something positive to say about the world. Over and over again. Without falter, without anger. If it isn't a troll, then you win. If it is a troll, you win. It isn't an easy solution, but it is the easiest. Maybe instead of being an emotional cost, it will turn into a source of emotional energy. Especially if we remember that we don't have to reply right away. The faster we reply the more emotionally charged the place is. Glaciality. -- my Go-King
  • We quiet our conscience from being responsible for the death of millions of innocent, beautiful creatures by ridiculing the ones who have managed to overcome the same primitive desires. -- Erik speaks about vegetarians.

And here's what I do for work out in the real world, if you're curious: Cambridge Consulting Services Group.